Writers block of Sorts


Well for all that know I work a 4 on, 4 off schedule. Odd cause your weekends floats. But once Jeep parts, a bus and good weather get here I’ll have time to get things rolling. That said, I’ve spent the last 4 days with writers block. No idea where I’d go with this post to you all. So I just figured I’d start typing and let the words do their job.

So what’s been happening? We got a few parts in for the Jeep. A grill from a ’98 5.9 ZJ (it’s a nice look I’ve always been fond of), a Jeep rear storage box (rare), our new to use over head (word lost) cb setup (not installed) placed a order for our switch panel and rear hatch struts. And got our new CD-less radio installed. We are on track to get the new suspension for the Jeep late February and tires and wheels by the end of March.

We’re hoping to start over-landing in April. Along with that should come monthly YouTube videos. This will also be the start of product reviews as well. And just a heads up I’ve never been super at YouTube video edits so it will be a learn as I go. I truly want to do this with larger ideas for the future. But we all must start somewhere and for me that’s here.

We are still on the hunt for a bus. We keep finding what we want but money isn’t available at the time. So by all means if you feel engaged to help move this crazy train all forward faster. Use that Donate button. All moneys go to our builds, adventures, blog and vlog.

Also remember you can chat with us through the blog or email us @- frankandshellys@gmail.com we’d love to get feed back or just chat with you about this all. Just use “From your Blog” in the title so we know your legit. To anyone that might have posted here. Sorry if we didn’t get back to you. We had a bad spam issue we had to deal with. We must be reaching people cause we got hit with 12,000 spam mails/posts over 7 days. And that went on for the last 3 months.

We have also started looking at our timeline in “phases”. Phase 1 – new year new jobs (done), Phase 2 – buy, build, plan, Phase 3 – moving day and Phase 4 – Launch Day 2.0. No there is no solid dates in this with the exception of Launch in September 2022. All other phases are before that day. But it gives us bench marks.

We do find that our new layout and direction does let us breath a bit easier. Not that there isn’t a lot going on but that we know it’s not a over night plan. It has solid roots and direction. Leading to better chance of solid success. Our approach is also starting to be driven by a motivation video. What’s that quote you ask? “Dreaming without a plan is no plan for success, it’s just dreaming.” So we are now taking our dreams and putting them into plans which directly lead to success.

So as you can see this last few days/weeks have been productive on a whole new level.

Oh and I’d like to say hi to @littlehouseontgehwy Liz and Richard it was nice getting a email back from you all. And look forward to one day meeting.

So until next time, stay blessed and keep on A.G.E.ing!

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