Where, Why, How and When?!?!?


Hello again.

I’m hoping that today will be the start of weekly updates. We’ll see how that works. I know at some point I’ll get to weekly posts. As you know this Blogg is about my family’s adventures or as it seems miss adventures. My wife reads it and agrees with most things I post. With that said I’ll get into things as of now.

First off, I’ve been depressed but hiding it. Feeling like a failure on so many levels, and plainly lost. I feel as though some part of me was left in Denver last year with the RV. Balance has been hard if not impossible for me to obtain.  We leaped and some how landed flat on our face. The dream that started this all to travel and live life out on the road is still with me. There is just so much to over come to get back at it.

We have made the choice to stay put here in Northern Michigan till Xaiver graduates. We know that for him and his direction in life this is right. Our miss steps with Madison high light this. We also pray to see Madison also graduate. In the long run doing so will remove some constraints out on the open road. So we’re stationary till kidos graduate.

But things aren’t that simple either. We are trying to do more than before our launch with about half as much income and close to the same in bills. That hurts. Hind sight says if we knew even 10% more than we did at launch 1, we might have stayed put 1 more year. But than that wouldn’t have fit plans either. Since getting up here, Xaiver has been in a very solid relationship with a girl I believe he’ll have a long term future with. He also got the help he needed in school to get off his IEP and out of special ed classes. He’s a great athlete(Football, Wrestling and Track) and a loved member of Forest Area Schools band programs. Yes I said bands, Marching, Concert and Jazz. All I do know is for some screwy reason God wants us here. So here we are, and so far I’m not very happy about it. Go figure I’ve always had issues with authority.  Sorry God..

Life right now is so very out of control. I took my first ever salary job. Learning new skills and building my employ-ability in new jobs. It’s not a bad wage (IF I was only working 40 hours per week). And in ways it sucks cause it has my hands tided when it comes to income. I’m finding it very hard to find any peace in my life right now. Always on edge, always at a loss, always 1 step behind. It flat out sucks.

My heart and soul are being pulled out onto the open road and off on new adventures. But my feet out stuck in the mud where we are right now.

The families currant future goals by dates are as follows: Madison Graduate – June 2020, Xaiver Graduate – June 2022, Jeep paid off – December 2023 and Launch date 2.0 – September 2024. What you don’t see in those dates is when we’ll buy our bus to start it’s build out. Which is a rather important part to the future. I believe that the bus will be sometime over the next 2-3 years with a 1 year build plan. You can follow our “Bus Plan” else where in these Blogg pages.

I’m so sick of living a life that requires a vacation and long to have a life that is a vacation. The yoke the world has placed on us all is far to much. I remember years ago people and many today even thinking you’d be nuts to want to live life in a school bus, or a van down by the river. I think back to my youth reading the Box Car Children books or The Magic School Bus cartoons. Thinking how cool it would be. And now I just want my very own Magic School bus. A tiny home on wheels for my wife, myself our Polly dog and Peachs cat. I’m a simple man longing for a simple life.

Life is to short for your roots to stay in one place. Be a tumble weed, spreading yourself every where. Build memories of places and events, not of 4 walls in the same corner on the same old place. Staying put might work for some but it’s not the life for me. I want to A.G.E. Out doors.

So till next time, stay blessed and Keep on A.G.E.ing…..

A picture from today out on a country road drive.


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