Where we are today


Well a lot has changed this summer both good and frustrating. We aren’t on the road as planned. And as of a few weeks ago we won’t be living life on the road anytime soon.

See sadly since all the issues that stopped travels dead in their tracks. My beautiful wife has been dealing with health issues from a unknown cause. This has caused us to drastically rethink our future plans.

What we do know is we will continue this blog. Although it will change in what we share and our life direction. There will still be travels and trips. But they will be shorter. We do know that at some point we will be relocating out of Michigan. Details are yet set in stone but when they are we will inform you all.

Will we ever get to “bus life” of “full time RVing” again? We don’t know. What we do know is right now we are looking to get back into a “stick and brick” house. Learn more and build more for a future Home Stead.

We will continue with Jeep life, church life and helping others. There will be drone videos of where ever we are or go coming. Not sure I let it be known but shortly after our failed launch in July we picked up a Mavic Air drone. Takes sweet vids and pics. I just have been so worried and directed elsewhere that I haven’t taken tome to edit anything I’ve done.

So it’s been a season of change for us. No where near close to what we had in mind when the year started out. But it’s been a season of change.

So till next time. Stay Blessed and Keep on A.G.E.ing….

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