Trip Planning


So as of now our Re-Launch has no date, no timeline. Will it happen, yep it will. But I’d be hard pressed to say that we will Re-Launch anytime before 2025. In part it’s to get a few of life’s loose ends all straightened up. What I will say is we are more aimed at a 1-2 week Out West Overland style trip for 2021. Beyond that we are just simply going year by year at this point. See where the good Lord leads us. Or at the very least where he gives us the tools to go. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that if I pray for God to move a mountain, I best be ready to wake up with a shovel in my hand. So our currant future trip plans will be more directed at Yearly steps. And we will see where this all gets us. Cause after all it’s not so much about the destination as it is about the Journey.

Stay Blessed and keep on……



So as of now we are in great shape for a Re-Launch in September 2022. We do plan for a few Overland Adventures this year with the Jeep. See it will serve as Toad, Scout and side tripper. We need to know what we need without going over board in it. It’s going to add depth to what we do, where we go and how we enjoy a lot of things.

A part of our new Launch 2.0 plan will call for a bit of time in Iowa at our friend’s place before heading southwest for the winter of 2022-2023. We do know that by Spring 2023 we’ll probably need a workamp gig to start adding to the bank account. All we know really at this point is that 2023 will most likely be spent West of the Mississippi River. Where who knows yet. Doing what we’re not sure or worried at this moment. We have a growing list of places we want to see and things we want to do. But like I’ve talked about lately we aren’t planning a time line other than a rough launch month in 2022. We aim to follow our travel rules this time too.

Our Rules

  1. No more than 4 hours travel per day (with the Bus)
  2. No freeways
  3. Limited forward timeline planning
  5. Breath and Enjoy Life


Just wanted to stop in here and let you all know that out launch date (due to Jeep getting wrecked) has been given a BIG boost. We’re now looking at a September 2022 for the new re-launch. New plans new ideas and a bus purchase coming later this Spring 2020!


Well all we got at this point and time is a tentative re-launch or as we call it launch 2.0 of September of 2024. Yes about 4 years out. But we will re-launch by than.


Well a bit of a update on time line. Launch day has been moved to June 29th, 2018. Mainly to put a bit more funds in the bank before we walk away from our Jobs. That also adds to dates being moved and stops being changed. Our flexibility is really starting to show up. Our route has been moved and removed to be more about the places to see and things to do. And less about the worry of how long to stay.


Trip Planning well more like Future planning I guess. A big part of all our travels is we plan to stay off freeways. Can we do it? Only time will tell. To plan our trip we are using both Google Earth and Google maps. But at the end of the day I think we’ll fall back on good old paper maps and map books once out on the road.

Launch date is June 16th, 2018. But that’s not our whole picture, we move into the RV on April 1st, 2018. See we have out house sold, and the new owners(friends of ours) need to move in sooner cause their currant place is killing them with utility bills. So we’ll live in the driveway and save some cash. Cash is good.. LOL

Our currant plan, route idea goes loosely as follows.

  • Launch Day June 17th, 2018
  • Muskegon, MI to Fife Lake, MI June 18th
  • Fife Lake to Indian River, MI (Cross in the Woods) to Pictured Rock National Park June 18 to 21st
  • Pictured Rock to Green Bay, WI June 21 to 28th
  • Travel days June 28th to July 2nd
  • Green Bay to Sioux Falls, SD July 2 to 7th
  • Travel Days July 7th to 9th
  • Band lands National Park 9th to 15th
  • Rapid City, SD July 15th to 25th
  • Colorado July 26th to August 25th
  • Roswell, NM August 26th to December 30th

That’s the rough lay out till years end. From the time we leave Sioux Falls to New Mexico things are real veg. No real direction just a hat full of locations. The only place we do see need to book a camp site ahead of time will be Sioux Falls. Being that’s a holiday week we’ll be there. Most others it will be a mix of Full Hook ups and Boondocking. We’d like to be able to stay off the grid for 2-3 weeks at a time. So creativity is King on this one.