The Journey Begins

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“Live a life that is a vacation, Not one that requires a vacation.”

And it starts. Well I should really say it picks up and moves on. See the journey that picks up with this Blog was placed in our minds back in 2002 before we got married. Than in 2003 we started talking more about it, but with little understanding of this. It was placed on the back burner of life. Than in December of 2016 when I found my way to Christ or I should say he into my life. The idea/goal/dream in our hearts came back into focus. And we found the only thing holding us back was fear. Fear is just lack of faith. And faith is now something we have. But I think I may be getting ahead of myself, being that you don’t even know who we are, Yet..


You have our children in tow Xaiver and Madison. Xaiver is 14 and the only boy we have. And Madison she’s 16 and our only girl at home. Our other daughter Rosetta who is 22 in’t along on this adventure. She has a family and adventures of her own.


Than you have my lovely wife Shelly and myself Frank. We have been married for 15 years as of February 12th 2018. Those years were not always happy ones but you’ll get to read more about that under Faith. They are however very happy years and why we are now on track with this Adventure.


More to come soon, about us, our RV, our “toad”, our family and our plan….

God Bless you all



One thought on “The Journey Begins

  • June 28, 2018 at 11:20 pm

    We wish you allthe beston your wont be easy and you will havebumps in the road. Will hope for the best for you all on this adventure.


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