The Jeep


Been reading A-LOT the last few days. My build will as most go in a few stages.

Stage 1 – will be a set of V8 axles with Vari-loks and 3.73 gears. That set up will be on 4.5″ short arms. Of which I have about 90% the parts. And will be on 265/75r16s.

After this I’ll be doing bumpers, sliders and a RTT. With plans to use it overland this summer and just see what I do or don’t want to change. And how well it works. As of now I’m pleased and feel in stock form it’s a better riding more usable and more capable than my last ZJ on 3.5″ lift and 245s was…

The long out view is a complete axle upgrade. We are talking 1-3 years out. Axles always seem to be my limit and where I go and how I get there. I want to be as near to bulletproof without being stupid about it. I’m on the fence do mostly to cost and ultimate build plan. I’m looking from 35s to 38s in tires. In part I’d like to do a Michigan to Alaska Overland/Xtreme trail run in a few years. And I love Snow wheeling and Adventures. Clearance is King here.  So that’s left me with a few Axle option ideas. JK Rubicon 44s (Pricy before I even bracket and regear- even more so than TG customs), HP44/FW8.8 build out (not as bad price About the cheapest option, super strong just need to source parts), Superduty 60/10.5(all but ruled this out based on width and weight and requires way more tire than I’ll ever need) and the other option is Trail-Gear custom front housing/Tacoma rear with Toyota 8″ and e-lockers.(This one is growing on my)

My goal (if I can) is for this to be the Last full Body Jeep I build out. I’ve destroyed my fair share of XJs and ZJs over the years. And Good solid uni-body rigs seem to be getting harder to come by(At least in Michigan without being super over priced). WJ’s seem to be the last of a breed for Jeep/Trail rig/Adventure platform. If this one fails or don’t last as I’m hoping I’ll be jumping off the Jeep ship in favor of a Toyota. I love solid front axles, and the space this thing has. I’m a die hard when it comes to Jeep 4.0s



I figure it’s fine time that I share with you our new Jeep. It’s a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo WJ. And sadly as a jeep goes this one is still nameless. Right now I’m in the middle of a transmission swap. Than she will get driven rather stock for about the next 3-4 months while I stockpile her list of upgrades.

The build plan goes as follows:

  • 4.5″ Lift done with Rusty’s Offroad coils
  • Full set of Iron Rock Off-Road control arms (have front upper/lower and rear lowers)
  • Bilstein Shocks (Have these)
  • Iron Rock front adjustable track bar
  • Affordable Offroad tank tuck (this will be first mod do to a rotted out gas tank skid)
  • TrailForge front and rear bumpers
  • 265/75R16 Goodyear Authority Tires
  • 16×8 Mammoth Boulder Black wheels with 4.5″ backspace
  • My Badlands 12K winch with a few updates to it