T -94 Days and counting down


Well we’ve been super busy. Dropped the motor-home off at the repair shop on 3/5/2018. This was to get it serviced and checked out. While it’s there we have been fast on down sizing. I don’t know about you but WOW has this been a task. All these years of collecting junk. Just simply for what reason? We found that better than 95% of our stuff we don’t use or haven’t used in many years.

As we sit here, we are ready. Ready to get to getting and just plan move on. But we also find we have to slow down and breath. We’re getting ready to move the family into the motor-home on April 1st. We have our house sold with a agreement that we can stay in the driveway in the motor-home till June when we leave.

This Saturday (March 17th) will be the next big step. This step is where the garage gets completely gone through. It all must go. I’m a bit taken back by that. See I’ve spent the better part of my adult life collecting most the things in there. Or should I say hording? I discovered that there is things in my garage I have NEVER used. Wow, how is it that I have come to such a place. That I collect things simply because I do. Or I should say I did.

See we started down sizing about 9 months ago. And little by little we found how little of our things we really were using. In 9 months not our kids, my wife or myself have any of us asked where something we got rid of was. We simply found that we never needed or used it. And really can’t find any reason we would.

The point of this all is, take a good look at your life, you can live with way less.

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