Stress, Life and changes


Hi all, been out of it so sometime. Between job stress, Jeep project, life over run and COVID-19. It’s been wacky to say the least. So where do I start this. Hmmm.

Ok I guess I’ll start about my(Frank’s) new job. I ended up leaving Shoreline Fruit. I did enjoy the job and people. But the hours just didn’t work. See 4 on, 4 off sounds great. Until we realize we only get 2 out of 8 weekends with family. Then there was COVID-19 that pushed off Xaiver’s drivers education. After some long talks with Michelle it was fair to say I needed to change jobs. Now the new job came with pay cut. But great hours, 5am to 1:30pm Monday thru Friday. I almost feel as I have a full day after work. The new job is at the Munson Hospital warehouse (Northern Michigan Supply Alliance) . I’m doing EVS/grounds keep. Basically janitor, grounds and maintenance of sorts. It really is a ZERO stress job.

And I also got our Jeep threw what I’m calling stage 2 of its build up.

Before in November 2020 and after in July 2020

It was a bunch of work but so pleased. Michelle picked out the color, it’s Ford Blue. And I painted it with a foam roller. It’s right now sitting on 3.5” IRO lift, Bilstiens shocks and steering stabilizer, 245/75R16 MTRs on 16×8 factory Moab wheels.

And we are also getting closer to a bus purchase.

We have some big things coming that I’ll share soon. But for now. Stay blessed our friends and keep on A.G.Eing…..

Before you take off Friends, Just a word from me (Michelle). I have been sitting back on the sidelines so to speak watching things evolve. As our life keeps changing, so does the way I think. You see I have been working on my inner self a bunch lately, and I have come to realize that life is not what it seems. Let me explain.. you got a minute? … so I have always thought that we learn from the past apply what we learn and hope for a better future Right?!? .. Well I don’t think like that anymore, my new way of thinking is this… My past has already happened so it is no longer real and my future hasn’t happened yet so it is not my reality… What does that leave? RIGHT NOW this very minute. Life happens Moment by moment, I have been practicing being in the moment. Letting go of the past and not looking too far ahead, because those are not real to me… only thing that is real is what I am experiencing right now. 

Right now I am writing to you our readers, and you know what happens to me? Internal Joy, Peace, and Happiness. I truly love being in the moment. If you want to know more about what I have been learning, Or what Franks new adventure is going to be let us know. Thank you Readers for all of your support!  Keep on A.G.Eing….. 

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