Sometimes the Bug, Sometimes the Windshield


Hi all, with a bit of luck this holiday season. Your reading the last post on this current layout/theme.

Well I’m figuring by now your wondering why the title of this post. It’s cause 2019 isn’t done tossing us around. See just less than a week back we were out enjoying dinner and a movie. But a Deer decided to use our Jeep as a end all. Yep we were driven along at about 55 mph. And SMASH! We were just having a conversion about how bad the headlight on the Jeep were and needing to be replaced. I saw the 3 on the driver side but not the one on the pass side running out.

Michelle, Xaiver and I are all OK. No injury’s to us. I can’t say the same of the dead. As for the Jeep. Well I’m spending the week between the 2 jobs rebuilding the whole front end. Hood, grill, fenders, core and headlights. All of it.

Ya I’m flustered with it. But 2019 has been a year of change and frustration. So here’s to 2020 being the year of forward motion and new paths.

Sorry no pics as of now but I will have some coming soon. So until next time, stay Blessed and Keep on!!

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