Some new things coming!


Working on a few things for the Blog. Looking at a new theme/look. Something that gives us easier access to the several things that are happening. As you know we’re still bus shopping and saving. We have a area for the bus but I’ve never really liked it hidden in a side menu. We also are shopping for a Xj or Zj. And I’d like to take you along on that too. Along with the whats and whys in our choices. Also along with the Jeep hunt we’re planning to build it Overland style. This way it’s a good Daily driver, weekend get-a-wayer and tow rig. Lots and lots of thoughts, plans and ideas. We are also working hard to get more Vlog stuff up on YouTube with a future planned there too. Lots and lots going on with us. So stay tuned for those updates and don’t be surprised when you see a new look. Until later, stay bless and keep on!!

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