Re-Group, Re-View, Re-Set and Attack


So lots going on. Well at least mentally.  We have holidays just around the corner. And we’re gearing up for that. But we are also building a plan of attack for next year starting in January.

For starters our Jeep build/plan has turned into a Overland, Daily Driver, Adventure rig that can be flat towed simply by a Bus. It’s funny looking at all my notes since the accident and watch the Jeep go from big to functional right in front of my eyes. As for the Jeep we are looking for either a ’91 to ’01 Cherokee or a ’96 to ’98 Grand Cherokee. The function of use and need fall near perfect on these 2 platforms. We will both Blog and Vlog about it’s build once we find what we’re looking for. Same with a bus we’re gearing up to buy a bus by mid summer 2020. And that too will gain a full documentation.

The more time passes and we talk about the old Jeep. We see how clearly blessed we are. Between the lack of injury and the opening up of our finances to better set pace for a 2022 launch (2.0) date..

I find myself looking back over the many years of my adult life. And 1 thing rings so true over it all. I’ve never stopped to live! I simply have just lived life by the worlds terms. I’ve been a slave to dept and to a job. Working to a dream that was never mine. Truth be told I never took time to look at what I might want out of life. And in a few short years from now Michelle and I will take off on a grand adventure. This time dept free, bill free, and kid free (kids out on their own). We will set off to explore this great country. Seeking adventure and freedom beyond what living in a “Stick and Brick” house can bring. Living a life that is a vacation not one that requires one. I’m ready to slow down and smell the flowers.

Who knows maybe I’ll get time to write that book I’ve always dreamed of. Maybe we’ll find the time to get into doing little movies about long forgotten places. Maybe it will be a “12 different jobs in 12 months” kinda thing too.

The point of this all is this. We don’t all fit the same mold. And really most of the time you may not fit any mold at all. We don’t need to live our life for the dollar. We have options, choices and chances. Take them, make them and LIVE!

Well till later, stay Blessed my friends and Keep on!!!

One of my wife’s favorite pictures. And a favorite area of ours in North East Nebraska.


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