OverLanding: part-3

Gear of Choice


So we did a run down of what overlanding is. And what different vehicles and options to consider. Today we’re going to change gears a bit and look at gear. Some options out there, what you need verse want. And where should you start. So lets dive right in.

Sleeping! Where do you want to sleep. Well you have options. Here are just a few that we consider and have and will use.

  • Under the stars
  • In your vehicle
  • hammocks
  • tent
  • RTT – Roof Top Tent
  • TearDrop

Under the stars: Yep as simple as it sounds it gets overlooked as a option. I’ve done this more than one. Mostly cause topless Jeep that was stuck/broke waiting on day light.

In your vehicle: Great in Crossovers and SUVs. Weather your solo or with a partner this one helps you pack lighter. But an require more space. For us being short it helps..

Hammocks: Now this one is a cross over from backpackers. They an be simple to super complete 4 season setups. We have basic ones that we take and use through the day. And sometimes it’s just the place you want to be. But you also need to consider where your at. If your in the desert with no trees this don’t even work as a option.

Tent: The old tried and true tent. So many options my head spins reading on them. But again on these seasons can play into it. Ground, location and weather.

RTT – Roof Top Tent: Now these I’m not sure how long they have been out but are starting to reach a price point that us “Frugal” overlanders can afford them. You can mount them like the name says on the roof, or bed of a truck or even on a trailer. So many option. But the best 2 things I find here. They keep you off the ground and make for fast camp setups and takedowns.

TearDrop: These guys seem to be popping up a lot more these days. They fit in with adventure trailers too. Some of their advantages are, your inside, self contained so heading out requires little prep work.

I know that I have not covered 100% of every option or even 100% of details on these. But my aim is to keep it simple and get you thinking, planning and camping.

As for other gear. Food storage comes up alot and you see a ton of electric coolers these days. But they require a power source. And to me can be overkill. Now if your a camper that heads out for weeks or months than by all means you may want one. But me I’m good with a cooler and ice. Than you have cooking, do you need a stove? Or are you good over a open fire. can you even have a fire where your camping? These are things that are more personal preference than needs in my view.

Now there is a list of what I view as my must have list.

  • First Aid kit
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Maps / GPS
  • spare close
  • basic tools
  • hatchet
  • Shovel
  • Fire starter
  • Water
  • Camera / My Drone

To me other stuff can be brought but by no means are required. Over my years, I’ve found that when planning a overland trip/setup. I look to the backpackers. Those guys are smart. They pack only the needs, light weight and with some of the smallest useable items.

You really need to sit and look at your planned adventure. Are you just going to get away? Are you going to see things you haven’t seen before? Are you going because the trip to get there is your goal? Hell you might hate people in general and are heading out and away. What ever your needs/goals or wants from OverLanding are. There is a setup for you. And by all means keep in mind. “What works for me, might not work for you.” Our needs and wants from this lifestyle of adventure is as different to each of us as our fingerprints are.

So next time I’ll be taking you through Our planned OverLand build. Why we picked it? What options we wanted? Things we considered? and much much more.

So till next time, stay Blessed and by all means keep on A.G.E.ing!!

Adventure is where you find it.

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