OverLanding: part-1

What is Overlanding and Why?


So today marks the start of our OverLanding overview, guide and thoughts. This will be from our perspective on the how’s, why’s and just personal opinion. There are a lot of guides out there to Overlanding. But sadly most I’ve read, read as if they are from a salesman’s desk. So much miss info, or wrongly stated info when it comes to the masses. That’s not to say that I’m 100% correct on this all. Cause God knows that’s not the case. BUT, I aim to give you a real world view. And a view that comes from someone that don’t have deep pockets. So without getting any farther off track lets get to it.

What is OverLanding? In a nut shell it’s ANY kind of travel over land. Not by air or sea. So be it foot, bike, ATV, SXS, Jeep or Truck. If your traveling overland you are in the simplest of ways OverLanding.

Now this is where things get messy. What we in the “Off-Road” world call “Overlanding” is a simple Upgrade to “Car Camping” of a bygone era. Most of us that enjoy this lifestyle more than likely remember a day in our youth camping with, our father, uncle or Grandfather out of the back of some old pickup truck. Of dragging a trailer through some woods behind a Jeep to camp out in the middle of no where. I know I do.

Can’t recall the year, but I remember my Dad taking us camping off Kingsley Road near Beards Hills, Michigan in his CJ-7. Pulled that trailer down by the river out in the wilds of the forest. Setup camp without a care in the world. We fished and explored. (Maybe my Mother recalls this trip)

That is the kind of memories that OverLanding gives. I was maybe 7 or 8 and here I aim almost 44 and that memory warms me.

So now that we know what OverLanding is, let’s look at “Why we do it”. For us it’s simple, To Explore new places away form the masses. But did you know you can OverLand in towns and city’s too? (Mind Blown).

Now where I think things have gotten out of hand on-line, in the media and in print. Is that it’s made out that you need a $100,000+ overland setup and TONS of gear to enjoy this LifeStyle. That simply is “popy-cock”. You can enjoy this lifestyle with a $100 beater and a blanket if you so choose. And anywhere in between. Now for us (and I’ll get into detail as we go) the following is How we break it all down.

Mode of transportation: What kind of vehicle do we plan to use?

How do we plan to use Vehicle: Is this a Overland only vehicle or a Multi use on

How many:How many in our vehicle (us, me, pets, ect.)

How long we plan to stay: Mainly for what do we need to bring

I’m sure there is more when we get into it. But this for us is the basic of where it all will start. In our next post I’ll start into Vehicle choices. What we have, why, what made us go this way and what our options were and why. Along we’ll help you build a list when you plan your OverLander.

So until next time stay Blessed and by all means keep on A.G.E.ing!!

Get out and Explore!

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