Mavic Air – 18 month review


Well I’ve had my DJI Mavic Air since July of 2018 so about 18 months. And I now feel I have enough flight time to do a proper review of it. So lets start with a break down.

  • Total Flight time – 8 hours and 1 min
  • Total distance flown – 36.72 miles
  • Total number of flights – 50
  • Max Speed flown at – 43.1 mph
  • Total number of crashes – 2

I bought mine as the “Fly More Combo” from Best Buy. If memory service me I paid $999 when I bought it.

This Drone is a beast when it comes to features and build quality. I’ve crashed 2 times and only have some scratches and minor blade issues. I did change out the blades with issues (Broken tips). And it’s only been about the last 2 months I’ve really started to dig into all the options and features this things has. I do find that from time to time it can have outside interference issues that I’m not sure what they are. But it has never stopped me from being able to fly. I’d rate it a 9 out of 10 stars. With the interference being my only reason for not rating it a perfect 10.

I do plan to keep using and learning with this drone. And in the future buying a Mavic Zoom. But for all my currant needs this thing does it.

I would recommend it to anyone that is looking to get into Drone’s for photo or videos. And really look forward to all the things this can do that I have not learned yet.

So until next time, stay Blessed and keep on

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