Looking around


Well hi all, I’m just sitting here drinking my coffee and looking around. In that my mind is rolling through this past year and whats ahead. See 2019 was no where near what we had thought it would be back in 2017. It became a bigger year of change that we could have expected.

Good, bad, different, it is what it was. It did how ever redirect, re-focus, and re-boost our drive and direction for the future. The ups were way up and the downs were well very down. But the blessings weather we saw them all the time or not were EVERYWHERE.

If anything I can say that we know how to get to the next chapter. Where that will go once it starts. Well that my friend is the blessing of life we want to live.

So whats ahead this year? Jeep getting built up, bus shopping. Florida trip. And stopping to smell the flowers along the way. My new job has given me a stressless place to be. I’m now starting to focus back at getting healthy again. See I’m a Sugar eating stresser. And when I stress out I eat junk food. And that has added a few pounds that I’m ready to shed. I want to get back to hiking and biking this year. Spend a bit more time fishing, smiling and laughing. I’m sure there will be days that are up and days that will be down. But what I know for sure is the days will move forward like a river. Ever changing and ever moving.

I hope that next post I’ll have more to share with the projects. Not just the minds eye views. I will be working on a few projects today. Jeep stuff I’m working on today. Over head conceal CB mount. Probably a new stereo install. And I also got a new driver door yesterday too. Simple stuff but it all starts simple.

So till later all, stay Blessed and by all means possible keep on A.G.E.ing.

One of our favorite lakes near Range 40 Camp Grayling, MI

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