Launch Day is Here!!!!!


Well it’s the end of our last day at Lakeshore Fittings. I personally have mixed feelings. I’m joyest for the new adventures and the next steps in life. And I’m sad due to leaving behind a place that has let me grow my skills. I know that I speak for both my wife and myself in saying “Thank you Lakeshore, for all you have done for us”. We will miss it there.

But like all things in life you sometimes need change. And the changes ahead are simply unexplainable for me. 15 plus years of dreaming and imagining are being placed into play. We have done it. We are full time RVers. We have left the slavery of our “sticks and bricks” home behind. And moved on to the freedom of the open road. First the very first time in our adult lives we are taking a direction that we want. One that several think is crazy, foolish and borderline insane.

But I ask “who really is the crazy one? The one that follows their dreams and goals or the one that simply is to scared to try?” See we all tell our kids they can do anything they want when they grow up. But what we’re really saying is “You can get a JOB doing whatever you want to pay bills. And if your really good someday when you’re old and worn out you MIGHT get a few years bill free.” For what and why is this ever seen as correct? We’re done with that model and are breaking the mold of the status quo if you will.

Jesus told us “Go forth and spread the good news”, not Work hard and pay your bills. I for one want a life that is very much a vacation not one that requires a vacation. Memories are what I’ll be filling my life with, not stuff.

Are we crazy? Maybe a bit. But then again who really isn’t a little crazy at heart. So for all of you that have not yet built up the confidence to throw caution to the wind and jump. You all can live and learn through us here on this Blog and on YouTube at our Vlog. We will miss all we’re leaving behind.

Until next time, God Bless and Keep!!!

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