Launch date has moved And more updates


Well as we sit here going over funds, plans and direction. We have moved our leave date out 2 weeks. Our new launch date is June 29th. Why you might ask? Well simple it adds a bit of funds into the bank account. And it also gives us a bit more time to get all setup to leave. See this week (Friday the 13th) my loving wife goes in for surgery having her Gallbladder out. Even though it’s not a bad surgery it’s still surgery non-the-less for a person that both heals slow and has a very low tolerance for pain.

We also will be hosting a Jeepin’ event in Grayling Michigan July 1st and 2nd and the first Jeepin for Jesus – Colorado event August 23rd to 25th based out of Ouray, Colorado. We’ll have more details on both of these with links to info if you all want to join too.

Things are really starting to shape up though. We moved into the motorhome a week ago. In the driveway of the house we are selling to friends. Kids are a bit off on how they should feel living in the driveway of their old home. But we feel it will level out the sooner we get to doing short trips out. We will be heading to Port Huron in May to see our mother. (My mother-in-Law). And we might do a small trip or 2 out with the kids on weekends. Mainly to really get use to how it feels to be full time on the road.

Here is a brief look at our general plan:

  • Launch June 29th (Friday)
  • Julia’s 29th to 30th
  • Grayling June 30th to July 5th
  • Pictured Rock July 5th to July 7th
  • Green Bay July 7th to 12th
  • Green Bay to Sioux Falls, SD July 12th to July 14th
  • Sioux Falls July 14th to 16th
  • Sioux Falls to Badlands National Park July 16th to July 20th
  • Badlands National Park July 20th to July 23rd
  • Rapid City(Black Hills/Devils Tower) July 23rd to 29th
  • Rapid City to Sterling CO July 29th to 31st
  • Sterling CO July 31st to Aug 1st
  • Sterling to Dinosaur Aug 1st to Aug 7th
  • Dinosaur CO Aug 7th to 10th
  • Dinosaur to Ouray CO Aug 10th to Aug 20th
  • Ouray CO Aug 20th to Aug 27th
  • Aug 27th head south for the winter and 3 months off the road to work


Till later, be blessed and take care.

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