For the first time in many years we are now Jeepless due to a car accident. We will buy another but it will be a Cherokee or Grand Cherokee with a more Overland build. Adventure is in our future. And we will stay the course.


My wife says I have a Jeep problem LOL. Some days I think she might be right.

Well our Jeep (aka our “Toad”) also known as “Kermit” is a 2016 2 door Wrangler Rubicon.

Oct 2018

She’s got a few mods to her.

These are the currant upgrades that we have. There are however a few more that will be done before we launch in June. We’ll be adding the following parts over the next several weeks.

As we go forward we’ll be doing reviews on all the parts we have and all we add. We’re not “spring chickens” when it comes to setting up Jeeps for wheeling and adventures. So a lot of thought and reading went into all the parts we have bought.

Just a few of “Kermit” in action.

And a few of our other Jeeps in the past.