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Well for all those that saw on FaceBook and our last post. We are back in Michigan, Fife Lake area. The reality of the lose of our loved Voyager. Has really started to set in. We are looking for work to reset. The currant plan does call for a “Skoolie”. It’s just more “us” and free. But before that can happen we first must get some funds back in the bank.

We learned alot about RVing and trip planning in our failed launch this year. #1 do your research on your route! That is by far the biggest thing that we learned. #2 if the deal sounds to good, it is. See we paid a shop that’s pricing seemed to good to be true. In turn it was to good cause then never did the work they were hired to do and charged us for.

And that’s just the beginning. See we broke all our own rules when we launched. Sure we really wanted to Workamp in Colorado. But we had to drive long hours, faster than we wanted to and not enjoy any of the trip out west. We made Colorado from Northern Michigan in 3 days. And we never took any freeways. WI will say we found that there is alot more to Nebraska than we thought. And we look forward to going back there.

So as of now, we are where we are. Xaiver is playing High School Football up here for Forest Area. And we are helping our friend get her campground up and going. In return we have a place to stay and build our Skoolie.

And for those of you still looking for more info on our YouTube channel. There is stuff still coming. We have several hours of video that my lovely wife is working on. We also do have our Mavic Air drone and been working on our flight skills. We will have a few flight videos coming soon too.

Sadly though we have not got hiked, fished, biked or wheeled near as much as we would like to. But you all know that life can sometimes toss you a curve or two. And right now we are living a curve.

So in case you all are wondering “Do we regret our planned launch and mishap?” Not at all. We shot for the stars and got the moon. We in no way are giving up on this dream. If anything just getting to see, feel and know their is so much more out there. That has us pushing harder, planning better and thinking stronger. We can do this. We will do this. It’s just going to take a bit longer. But you know, that isn’t all bad. Cause we get to also help a good friend out in the mean time.

So till next time, Stay Blessed and Keep on

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