Home Steading


Well as this year has been about change and direction. So has our life goals. For instance seem doors to leave Michigan have been closing at a alarming rate. So through my wife’s presidency to get me to stop and see what’s in front of us. We started looking at land up here in Northern Michigan.

And as luck would have it, as soon as I stopped embracing the crazy and started to look around there it was. The parcel of land that is about all we could want or need to build our Home Stead on. 4.5 acres at the right price and on a land contract. All we need to do now is to put together our down payment of $2000 and it’s ours. So please feel free to use our donate button. We could surly use the help about now.

So what lies ahead? Getting the down payment first and foremost followed by a camper to get us out on the land. Than we will embrace our current jobs and start building from nothing into something. Goats, chickens, gardens, fruit trees, berry bushes and a Tiny home are all in the plan.

You might be wondering if we left plans to travel or build a skoolie behind. The short Is a resounding NO. The land will give us a place to build a skoolie with no finish date. And free ya up to travel in a few years. So there is still plenty of adventure for us ahead. Just not what we thought when we hit the road back in July.

So if you feel compelled or driven by God to help us out. Do so. God knows we could use a bit of help in this crazy thing we call life.

So until next time, stay bless and keep on A.G.E.ing..

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