Happy October 1st


Well been a crazy fast year so far. Already October 1st. So where are we in future development? We launch the event Rage Against the Snow 2019.

That will be a fun fill family offroad and sledding event between Christmas and New Year’s.

Been laying out our final build out plan for the Jeep. And working more and more everyday on what we want in and out of a bus.

Money is still our short fall. Working to start pushing our AGE swag. If you didn’t already know over to the left in our menu bar(if you on a computer) is a link to our AGE drop ship store. Looking to get some more stuff there for you all. And it directly helps to fund this future plan. Also looking to get more content up on YouTube as well. See we don’t have a Mac Book or funds for fancy software. So I feel silly doing videos. But our Vlog is lacking in content. So i will see what we can do.

I am working on some sketches of bus layouts and ideas. I’ll be adding to our bus build area of this blog soon.

Oh and completely unrelated to our Adventures our son’s high school marching band has made national news for all the right reasons. Go FA.

So I guess I don’t have as much to say today as I thought. Till next time stay Blessed and keep on A.G.E.ing.

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