Happy New Year


Well, Happy New Year all. So far my little break between Jobs has not let me get as much done here on line. We have had a few bumps. Kia lost front breaks, and the Deer into the Jeep. All that is fixed now, but I’ll be re-doing the Jeep front end. Not happy with the parts I got from J Whitney. Just been a time of run, run, run. A lot like the rest of 2019 had been.

So we have demeaned 2020 the Year of Re-Focus. We have several things that will need to be taken care of. Larger items in our view.

  • Xaiver Driver ED
  • Xaiver’s first Vehicle (AKA a Jeep)
  • Jeep build -Project: Redemption
  • Bus shopping/Purchase by years end
  • Florida Vacation

Those are the main targets for the year. Along with settling into our New jobs and schedule. I’m also going to get things rolling here and on YouTube a bit more with local adventures. It’s a lot but less than what it could be. We have fast been freeing our selves from debt and are almost 100% free there. As for after launch, well we have places of interest but we aren’t really doing a timeline. Other than to say our road life plan is for 3-7 years. Find where we want to set roots. Visit places we have and others we’ve only ever read about. Simply put we want to live life for adventure not for paying bills.

Life is about a lot more than living for a Job that will replace you the day after you die! Just let that sink in. We all fall into this false idea that our jobs are our identity and employer’s really care. They don’t! We are simply another tool to them. A machine that at anytime can be replaced. We reached the point that life is more than bills and work hours several years ago. And threw a hast to get out and going we failed the first time. Or did we? I think we simply were plucked down here cause God knew we needed to slow down. The signs were here last time.

I’ve spent most of my adult life (I’ll be 44 March 10th) not being happy. I grew up being told just like others work hard your WHOLE life and you might get to enjoy a few years before death. That’s BS. We need to stop telling our children this lie. I have heard so many times that my dreams had no meaning that they were pipe dreams. Thanks Dad for holding me back!! I shelved my dreams, goals and ideas of what life could be all so many years ago. Than after my coming to Christ back in December 2016. I started to look at all those dreams again.

I guess what I’m trying to say is this. Don’t let others hold you back. Live life, love others and enjoy God’s Green Earth. For us that will come from the drivers seat of a converted school bus. For Michelle she wants to find a place to setup a home stead. For me I want to find meaning and peace. Maybe even follow a old dream of writing a book. Who knows really. But I do know these chains are broken, and my wings are healing.

So for you all, thank you for going deep with me. I’m sure it won’t be the last time. But it gives you more insight into who we are and why we are doing as we are. So friends until next time, stay Blessed and by all means possible keep on A.G.E.ing!

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