Got to Keep Rolling


By: Franky

Hey all, How you been? It’s been a bit of a up and down here. See we killed another Jeep. Yep Redemption is dead. Broken frame and cracked engine block. So a Jeep build again is ahead for us. This time will be a 2004 Grand Cherokee Laredo we just picked up..

Also wanted to share with you that we have been asked to be a brand ambassador for  Backed by Nature   

Just used code :Navoni when you order and get 40% off on your order.


Any how, you have also noticed that we’re working in the background on this Blog. And we did launch our first Vlog as well.

And we’re working on a way to get more to you all on a regular bases.

So till later.

By all means, stay Blessed and Keep on!

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