From the Frying pan into the Fire.


Hey all, sorry been awhile since last update. But I thought we’d have wonderful news by now. But that so far isn’t the case.

Early February we did get into a place of our own. But we are on a slippery slope. See we banked on having our income tax to get us out of a hole. We have started calling “our $3000 hole”. Since August we have been in a constant loop of being behind by $3000.

A few facts about where we are right now. Northern Michigan flat out sucks for income. No one seems to pay worth anything. Example of that I’m making $11 per hour LESS than what I have for the last 6 years. My wife can’t even find a full time job.

You hear all this talk of hot job markets. And tons of jobs. Yep if you want to work 90 hours a week and only get paid $10-11 per hour. It’s so sad. We are right now working class poverty. Moving isn’t even a option at the moment.

See our son Xaiver is finally out of special ed classes. He’s active in school and doing wonderful. Better than he has in all his school leading up to High School.

So that leaves us up here till he finishes school. How? No clue. We slide backwards everyday farther and farther. With April 1st being a dooms day of sorts for us. At that point without big change I see no way of getting out of our hole.

We do still want a skoolie and even planning for one. But with no money for one it’s kind of a pipe dream.

Who would have ever guessed that following our dreams would cause so much struggle. As a family we are stronger than ever. In our faith we are still holding strong. Sure it’s a struggle to have faith in this all but it’s there. Sure I’ve had screaming matches at God. But I still believe he will come through.

When, where, why and how are still to be seen.

But we will survive Because that’s what we do. We will pull through somehow. I guess it’s only a matter of time before God puts our helping hand in our path.

So till next time, keep and God bless!

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