Fall is around the corner.


Well I started trying to get this post in weeks ago. But life just kept getting in the way. See our Madison decided again that she new more about life than we do and she has moved out and on. If you read back before launch day(1.0) we had this happen than too. But she is nearly 18 now and it’s her choice.

Butt that isn’t why we are here. Life does happen things change and we evolve with it all. Right now it’s more about hold our ground. Started planning our Rage Against the Snow 2019 jeep event. Routing is going well. It’s a event we do cause we love snow Jeeping. And we will probably do one a year till we launch in 2024.

Stress of life, funds and planning for the future is still there. But what can you do? It’s not like I can go down to Walmart and buy a time machine. Us we’d miss important events. Speaking of events our son’s school canceled the rest of their varsity football season after 2 games. Lack of interest they say. It said cause we look forward to the games and seeing our son play. And he’s starting to aim to his goals in his future and had planned this to be his last year playing football.

So what’s next?? Dont know. I’d love to say buy our bus, start the build or start the next stage of our jeep build. Or even give some idea of direction. Butt right now it’s all day to day, week to week. We are kind of locked in for the next 2 1/2 years. We do keep shopping for a bus, but that requires money. Of which we do not have at this time.

So till next time. Stay blessed and keep on A.G.E.ing..


by: James “Gimpy” Snider

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