I’m sitting here in a Hotel room on our return trip to Michigan. And something I said earlier in the day keeps ringing in my head. “Dreams, not all reach for them. But we tried for the stars and only reached the moon. So time to reset and try again.” Seems many of been very surprised that our little set back hasn’t completely discouraged us from this “Full -Timer” life style. But in reality I think it’s propped us up even more. It’s shown us what we were doing wrong in our planning. It’s showed us what we really needed in a RV.

Sure we’re headed back to Michigan, but it’s to reset and regroup. We found that our setup was WAY off from what we really needed. That we had things we didn’t need and needed things we didn’t have.

We will launch again next year. Either on the 4th of July or Labor Day 2019. But we will do this. We will be working harder to both Get FnS Vinyl up and running more as a income and less as a hobby. We also are looking to launch a hand crafted store. And the real fun part. Shopping, buying and building our Skoolie.

We know that not all RV parks will let skoolies in. But if they don’t want our money than we don’t want to stay there. We also plan to build it completely as a stand alone off the grid camping machine. We’re talking full on solar power to do it all. Compost toilet, filtered gray water system and more.

See Voyager had issues with heat, cooling and generator running every-time you needed it to. Heat well you couldn’t get it to cool down with out a shore line to run the AC. Cooling the cab AC was in need of some repair. And well the generator just simply needed a servicing. All things that made a cross country trip in 100+ temps very uncomfortable to say the least.

So project “Koolie Skoolie” as we have been calling it. Is in it’s planning and shopping faze. We have a lead on a few different buses. SO who knows currant plan calls for us to at the very least buy the bus with in the next 1 to 2 months. So if you want to see it happen faster Please by all means click and donate to the cause.

Well until next time, God bless and keep on A.G.E.ing

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