Whats a budget for any way? LOL Right now that we are back in a house, buying and building a replacement Jeep and still shopping for a Bus. We are in the “No so Budgeted Budget stage” of the game. Alot of the past ideas will stay true in the future. But for now it’s that normal pay check to pay check life. You know that kinda life that dries reason and meaning of change. We know we’ll be into the new Jeep and build up for about $6000 to $8000. We have also set out Bus purchase and build at $15,000 to $20,000 over 2 years.


So whats our plan for income? Good question. We will start off with saying we plan to travel 3 months, stay stationary for 3 while working. This is the currant plan. Along with this we’re looking at a few different income streams as well.

For starters we currently have a small, yet profitable vinyl graphics company Frank and Shelly’s Vinyl Graphics. We also make home made soap. We haven’t pushed this one very much but look to change that. We are also looking at other directions too.

  • Writing a book or more (I use to love writing before life got in the way)
  • Starting a Photography and Video company (Michelle dabbled in doing photography for a bit)
  • Hand Crafted Jewelry
  • Manufacturing Production Consulting  (use the skills and training I currently have)
  • YouTube video series (Out doors based)

Our distant plans also call for buying a bit of land. Setting up a smallish (15 to 20 site) rustic campgrounds. And building a small home stead for our forever home, think “Tiny Farm”. Garden, orchard, bees, chickens and goats. Our travels are only the start of living life by God’s wishes not the worlds.


Well looking more at the numbers and our currant plan looks to launch with around $6000 in our bank account. That may not sound like much. But when you look at our only real bills are Jeep payment, insurance, fuel, food and cell bill than it starts to look better. Our goal will be for a out going of no more than $1600 per month. Do able? We think so.

See right now we spend around $4800 per month just to cover our bills and day to day life. Mortgage, utility, kids schools costs, insurance, car payments, cell, internet, food, ext. It adds up. Not stop and think about what your bills would look like with no mortgage payment, and no utility bills, and no going to work everyday costs. Yes going to work adds up. Think about it, fuel, repair bills, lunches, tools/supply’s and that’s just the basics of it all. Than if you and your significant other work 2 different places times that by 2.

To give you a real world idea on what it cost just to go to work. The average american commutes 20 miles each way. And the average car in america gets around 15 miles per gallon. That’s 2.6 gallons of fuel each day so  13.3 gallons if you only work 5 days but most work 6 so 15.9 gallons. Now to put a cost on that average fuel right now is about $2.50 per gallon so $39.75 in just fuel per week and if 2 of you work that’s $79.50 in just fuel PER Week. That works out to be $4134.00 in just fuel per year going to and from work. Not adding in if you do anything else. Now look at your lunch. Most prob eat out or order in so average lunch would be about $5.00 per day so that is $25.00 for 1 person and $50.00 for 2 in just lunches that is $2600 per year. Now look at vehicle repairs. Oil changes average is about every 3000 miles so at 40 miles per day that is about every 75 days you need to have a oil change. So that is than 4 oil changes per year(got to figure in weekends). At a average of $25.00 per oil change that now is $100 per year on 1 car and $200 for 2.

So just for fuel, oil changes and lunch to go to work per year for 2 people it’s $6934.00. That isn’t even looking at car insurance or payments. Or anything else that could be required for you to do your job. That’s a lot of coin out of your pocket just to go to and from work. And for what? Now lets say you make $16 per hour @ 40 per week you make $640 for a total of $33,280 per year. But that’s pre-uncle sam’s cut. Your more like $25,625 when you take out the 23% in taxes that most of us pay out. $25,625.00 – $6934.00 = $18,691.00 per year to live on. Sad isn’t it?

The point of this is to show the level of waste we all are required to spend. Or are we? This is what the world says you “Have to do.” but what if that isn’t so? What of you can live a better life freer and with less waste. Well that’s just what we’re planning to do.


Budget, what really is in a budget. Well basically it’s a rough plan for what you can or plan to spend. Ours however will be planned around a “different” plan. See we look to travel anywhere from 2-4 months, than find work for 2-4 months. And repeat this as needed. Our goal, plan idea is that for every 1 month worked we’ll pay for 1 month stand still and 1 month travel time. We will be tracking our spending and our earnings all right here. We will share all places and ways we make income to fund our Adventure. Our goal is to show other out there starting out or wanting to travel full time how it can be done. We also plan to share our adventures into development of small family run businesses.

Our break down will be as follows:

  • Vehicle payment (Our Jeep)
  • Auto Insurance
  • Food
  • Fuel
  • Cell/Internet
  • Camp cost
  • Pleasure spending
  • Misc.

When we get closer to launch day (June 18th, 2018) I’ll add more break down on our costs.