Picture updated from September of 2020..


Crazy how I wrote this first Bio on us 2 years ago. We are happy as ever. Once travels start it how ever will be without our children. It will be us two wanderers. We have spent the last year and a half since our last launch went sideways finding what went wrong. But growing together.


We are Frank (41)and Shelly (33) Navoni. Home town Port Huron, Michigan. We have been married for 15 years (Feb 12th 2018). We have 3 children (Xaiver 14, Madison 16 and Rosetta 22). Our family tries every day to live a Christian life. We classify our belief as “Non-Denominational” we work to live the Bible. And we pride ourselves in sharing the good word with others.

My wife has a background in customer service and telemarketing. myself I have 20 years working in and around Hydromat rotary transfer machines. We also are a family that enjoy outdoor activity’s from Jeeping to Geocaching to Fishing and camping. So you can tell we’re not really a couple with free roaming job skills. But that is just another challenge.

The direction we are headed in life and with our family are “different” by most peoples standards. Really who walks away from owning a home and 2 good paying jobs? Well that would be us. For far to long we have let fear drive us. Direct our path in life. Never stopping to ask why? Stopping to smell the flowers, to enjoy each other, to take vacations. We started thinking about dreams from years ago. And than started asking why we never followed our heart out onto the open road. When we really dug in, it was because of fear. Yep that old nasty thing that stops most us all from many things in life. So after my coming to Christ in December of 2016 the seed was planted. Why not start living a life that is a vacation not one that requires one.

So that was it, we started the planning phase of our future. To give our children a life that is so much more than most. A life with the freedom to see this great nation. A chance to enjoy God’s county.


Here are our 2 children that will be on this adventure. Sir-Xaiver (14) and Madison (16). These 2 are very active kids. Xaiver will be a freshmen when we hit the road. He plays football, track and is a active wrestler. He is also into the band and plays the Alto Sax. His future plans in life call for military serves and than spending time traveling the country on his own.  Madison she will be a senior when we launch. She’s into choir and theater arts. She is also self taught in ASL (American Sign Language). During her last year in High School she’ll be starting on-line college to work with the hearing impaired. Both our children will be completing their High School careers in On-line High Schooling.