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Speaking Frankly:

Hi friends, It’s been sometime since I’ve sat down and typed much. For any of you following our YouTube, you have seen that I’ve done 2 Vlogs todate. And I’m hoping to do more. Been a bit of life stress over the last few months. Changed jobs again, though I have yet to start. See Redemption (our 97 ZJ) died. Blew motor and broken frame. So now we have a ’04 Grand Cherokee WJ that I’m in the middle of tranny work.

Life has also tossed us a bit more of a curve in that we are looking at a delayed road life launch. What does that really mean? We still plan to build a bus, and travel but a timeline is no longer being followed. We are aiming more so at getting the Jeep done, overland trips with it and getting our Blog, Vlog, FB, and Instagram rolling more. Going to do more in the way of trail rides, local trips, product reviews and Jeep build. We have some major changes that are also coming in life in general that I can’t talk about yet. But will add to the direction things are headed.

As of right now we are looking to lay out a better path for next year. And from there we will see where this all heads us. I’m finding over the last few months that we are taking “1 step back to move 2 steps forward”. Why and how you might ask? Well for starters (what I am open to talk of right now) I’m going back to working on and with Hydromat’s. A machine that I’ve spent the better part of 20 years working with. This machine has been our bread and butter over the years. And I’ll be splitting my time in Northern Michigan with my wife and son, along with being in the Grand Rapids area working 4 days a week. Why? It’s simple, I’m sick of watching my family struggle from a financial area do to low paying, crappy houred jobs up here. When I can work 2 hours away for almost double the hourly wage.

In part this has side railed road life, not forever just a few extra years, But for good reason. It will mean getting the Jeep done without corners being cut. It will get us through our “Want and Need” list without putting a lot of basics on hold. Example would be close, my wife and I over the last 6 months have lost a combined weight of 90LBS. How? Keto. I’m down from a size 38 waist to a size 32. And she’s down quite a bit in waist size too. We need to replace ALL our close, we are way over do for new laptops. She’d love to get a nice new embroidery machine. We are looking to new camera gear, outdoors gear among other things. Things that now and into the future will keep us going.

Now we do plan to keep growing A.G.E. and for all purposes, make it bigger and better. Things will keep growing here, on FB, on Instagram and YouTube. Our content as it always has will vary. But will still be life, family, faith and Adventure driven. And for those that may not know about our other locations, here are the,





But like I stated, things are changing for the good side. Directions are still there, just the path to get to them has changed a lot. And I’m sure it will keep doing so. If life has taught us anything since starting this Blog, it’s that change will keep on happening even if you don’t want it to. We started with a RV goal, than a Bus dream and now I’m not sure what to call it. We still want and plan for a bus. But we don’t want to cut corners or miss out on what we want out of it. And then there is the impending “empty nester” issues that my lovely wife sees coming like a freight train. We have less than 2 years until our last child at home graduates High School and starts his moving on. And Michelle in part sees that once that happens she wants stable legs under us before doing something as crazy as moving into a bus and out onto the road. Me, I’m just more openly adventuress and would just like to “roll on”. But that isn’t the case anymore. So I’ll be shifting my adventure driven spirit in more Overland directed adventures.

I still plan and want to document trail rides, and overland trips. No matter where they take us. And even in the mix of all this change we are still aiming for a late next year West run in the Jeep. What and where all this life change ends up leading to. It’s anyone’s guess. I do however feel and believe we are headed into a season of “less change more adaptiveness”. That will give us the tools, time, funds and needs to hit the road in someway or form.

So for now I think I’ll just leave you all guessing what’s next for us in our life’s journey to “live a life that’s a vacation not one requiring a vacation”.

And until next time. Stay Blessed and by all means keep on

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