Almost Turkey Day


Speaking Frankly:

Hey friends. As you recall in my last post, I said there was a lot of changes happening in life. Well I’m here to give you the skinny on them as I can now speak openly on all topics. First off I’m now working in the Grand Rapids area. Bil-Mac. Doing what? Back working on and with Hydromat’s. We also will have possession of our house in Muskegon area before the end of the year. That’s right we’re going back into the house where this all took off from. But it’s not that cut and dry. See We are also staying up in Kalkaska too. Why? Cause it’s the school that got Xaiver up to speed and wanting to go to college. He only has a year and a half left.

So we’ll be maintaining a home up here for Him and Michelle. I’ll visit every weekend. And I’ll stay in Muskegon Monday through Thursday. In that I’ll start the remodeling on the house we had always talked about doing. It’s not the best or easiest way to do life. But from a income stand point it will get us moving forward.

I’m also hoping it lights enough of a fire under my butt to launch my dream of owning a Off-Road and fabrication shop too. Life has taken a few turns we didn’t see coming. And our road life has been put on pause. But we still plan to travel. Just not as we once had. In the next few months I’m looking to lay out more of that vision.

This 2020 “year of change” has been very much a year of change. It isn’t really going the direction I had planned for or even considered back at the beginning of it. Focus has shifted, goals have evolved, plans have changed. But freedom in life remains the primary goal of this all.

I’m finding that my drive to be free from a normal 9 to 5er is helping push me on dreams that always seem to stop short of taking flight. My goals have never been to be rich. Just comfortable and happy. If that looks like a ranch home, in a subdivision where I build Jeep parts in the garage to make a living. Well so be it. But I don’t know yet what this will look like. I know that I need to keep pushing myself and stop being afraid to fail. I’m finding that through listening to my wife, I’m a lot more equipped to aim for the sky than I’ve given myself credit for. I have a support system better than most. I just need to do it. Stop making up reasons why not and start making reasons why to.

But I guess these are all topics for another post at another time. So for now you know there are bigger, better and greater things afoot.. So till next time stay blessed my friends and by all means keep on

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