Almost 2 weeks out and troubles have struck


Hello everyone,

Here we sit almost 2 weeks out and broken down and in the shop for the second time. Boy are we learning as we go. You never can be to prepared on this kind of adventure and Poop happens. Break down 1 was from a repair shop NOT doing a good job and left the cotter pin out of a castle nut on a tie-rod end. And now break down 2 is a tranny issue do mainly to a Motorhome that was much more worn out than we had seen.

But we’re still smiling and looking forward. Our plan direction has changed some. See we now know that our currant Motorhome is more un-safe than safe when it comes to travels. So currant plan calls for us to head back to Stonewood Ranch. I’ll pull a job near there and we’ll start a gang buster pace to build a “Kool Skoolie”. We are less worried about campgrounds not letting us in and more on enjoying our travels.

We have also learned (the hard way) research your travel routes better. Our motorhome died on what is probably the deadliest road in the lower 48, I70 between Eisenhower pass and Vail pass. Being a Jeeper and loving adventure I was even scared driven our Jeep on this road way. But you live you learn and you evolve. So that we will keep moving on. And today I do have some pictures for you all.

And that is from Michgan, threw Wisconsin, into South Dakota, into Nebraska and finally to were we are held up into Colorado. Alot of beautiful sites. Because we were on a fast pace (broke all our own rules) to get out here. We didn’t get much in the way of drone videos but going back will be more on our planned pace of no more than 4-6 hours drive each day. More to come all. We are also working on a few reviews of things we use (camera, new and our old drone and other stuff).

So till later God bless and keep on….



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