It’s a New Year – – – – – – – – >


Speaking Frankly: 

So it’s a new year. And I got to say since my last post it’s been a wild ride. I’m not really sure what the future holds for this all and regular Blog posts, even my Vlog posts are off beat and random. Going into this year kind of depressed really. Everything that this Blog has pointed at over the last few years has kind of went away or at the very least to a far back burner. It truly leaves me feeling lost.

Bus life seems (sadly) to have no place in our future. We are as it looks now, staying “stick and brick”. With getting the house back in Muskegon. And finding that I never want to be a landlord again EVER. I’m in the middle of home repairs. I’m back working a factory job again. It pays well enough, it’s equipment I know very well. But the job brings little to no joy to me. It’s simply what I do very well, so it adds peace of mind to my family in the way of income. It’s what I’ve always gone back to when income is needed.

My wife has me back looking at past dreams, goals, ideas and businesses. She is laser locked on us getting “income free” through setting up a host of side incomes. Where this will lead I have no idea. I agree with her mainly in that we need side income. And I’m full of ideas. Just not sure that income will let us get to this point. But she sees it as all reachable, so I guess I’ll keep being pushed along by her.

I did get back into the RC car hobby. I needed a inner outlet to take my mind off life. So I got a Losi Mini-T 2.0 Brushless. It’s a fun little 1/16th scale stadium truck and will probably lead to other RCs for me. I’ve already started doing hop ups. And shopping for a 1/10th scale crawler. We also just placed a order as well for the Dub-Jay suspension parts so I can get that updated and the suspension fixed. Went back to Iron Rock Off-Road for their 4.0″ lift. This should get me back out of the trails.

What lies ahead for travel and adventure? Not sure. I still am slowly planning a Colorado trip late summer. But that will only happen if I can get the Jeep through the currant round of updates/repairs. The new job did give me enough in the way of time off to make it happen. I’m still looking to buy a roof top tent. And considering a Adventure trailer, but that will be after I get the house repairs, remodeling done. The Jeep updated and a whole host of other projects off my plate.

I have been rolling the idea of a off shoot project, a Pod Cast. Something about “Faith, family and Adventures”. Nothing real focused but more like my brain. On all kind of stuff, that I do, have interest in and so forth. But as of now that is just a idea.

Where 2021 will lead, I have no really idea. I have thoughts, some dreams, but limited in drive. Watching these last 3 years go from feeling like a rocket ship into something new. To seeing it completely change direction. If this blog teaches me or you anything, I guess it’s that change in life never stops. Goals, directions and dreams come they go, they change. Do I still want to travel, HELL YA I do. But I will not force my wife, (she is more directed to staying planted) to do so. So travels looks to be more vacation driven.  Overland trips, wheeling runs and who knows what else. But living life from a bus on the road, down by the river. That dream has been put to pasture. It no longer fits the course of life we are on. We have a more rooted direction, with bills, and projects, and well you get the point. It’s all simply more “main stream normal” as the future goes.

So for now, Stay blessed my friends, and by all means keep on…