Going to mix it up abit around here….

Going to mix it up abit around here….


Hi all, new month new goals, new ideas (OK maybe not). But we’re adding a “new flare” around here. See starting today we’re going to shake it up so that both my wife and I have our voices heard. So you’ll see a Title block, intro areas followed by: Speaking Frankly – that will be my area followed by: Shelly’s Corner – that will be the Mrs. area. See after last weeks post we found that we both have things to say. And they might not always be on the same topic. And that’s ok. But this Blog and our Vlog(more being done there very soon) is about US not just me or her. So we have come up with a way to both be heard, seen and maybe even listened to all in 1 blog zone. So without further ado lets get on it it.


Speaking Frank

As we roll into the next month of this crazy year we all call 2020. Things have been far from normal. That however has not stopped us from staying on track to the future. See we are working hard on a plan to buy our bus by the end of August! Yes you read that right by the end of this month. We aren’t full solid on this but about 98% sure we can and will make it happen. Now that don’t change launch time, but does add to more build time. And a swift kick in the behind (mainly mine) of getting things done.

We did however run into a little more work coming for the Jeep. poor thing has that pesky “wrist pin slap” that some 4.0 get. At least I’ve decide to fix it now rather than out on the road. We’ll have a full write-up and probably a good few vlog videos too. No engine swap either, I’ll be doing a full in bay engine over haul. Should be a good time. But will add to peace of mind out on the road.

I’m also working on a 3 month review of my Iron Rock Offroad  3.5″ lift

And don’t even ask I’m not giving any of my thoughts about this lift away before hand. You’ll just have to come back and read it all soon. Maybe even next week.

And I’ll probably give a update on build plans for the Jeep seeing we’re down to the last few things we want done before we really dig into a bus build.


Shelly’s Corner 

Staying on track also means we need to stay focused. With August already here, Husband and I wanting the bus by the end of month. My mind likes to travel to detail land, what about this~ what about that…. uggh

IF I go too fast it will make my mind start to over stress about things.  My plan is to stay in the moment, stay focused on enjoying our journey.

Keeping  myself mentally strong is very important in a build like this. My ego tends to want to control everything around me so it “flows smoothly”, what does that create? chaos for everyone else and A bigger ego for me.

Big egos create Big problems, and Big Drama in relationships.

Since our goal is work together on projects, my number one goal is to remain mentally in the now. With the ins and outs of all that we have to look forward to, it can become mentally stressing, and physically draining if not in the right state of mind.

Within the next couple blogs I will share some techniques I will use, on staying positive when the stress starts to build, and on changing my mindset to stay focused on the positive in all the wonderful things we are about it do.


So until next then my friends, by all means stay blessed and keep on A.G.E.ing….