Back at It!


Life has many roads, try the one less traveled.

Well hi again all. Sorry we’ve been MIA for a bit. Between all this world craziness it’s left me without much to say that wasn’t all a downer. But seeing as normal has kinda set back in. Here I am again. So I’m sure you’re asked what’s been going on. Well where should I start.

The Jeep is about 3/4 the way through phase 1 build up. Lift is installed, axles swapped, getting prep work for paint. Oh and she does well on the trails too.

Bus planning has also been going VERY well. With new ideas, new plans and a new layout. This new “Bus setup” was a big step cause it was one that both my wife and I did together. It’s got things we both want in it. You could say it was really our first planning compromise.

There is also a bit of planning for a Colorado Overland trip the first week of October that I’m looking to do. Kind of a “ManCation”. And part of a pre-run for a few places I want to go with my wife in a few years. She fells as if I’ve been down a trail a head of time. I can better prepare her. See she has a bit of a fear of heights. And being that Black Bear pass is on the bucket list.

NOT MY PHOTO – Used to show the trail

Bus Life launch date is still being aimed at September 2022. So right now we’re about 8-9 months from buying our bus. We still aim to do the full build out over 10 to 12 months. Any of you that recall reading back in our launch 1.0 days we had simple rules. (All we broke – sadly). These were Travel days are only to be 4-6 hours, stick to 2 lane roads. Well we are planning and hoping that for the most part we’ll be following these rules.

Some other topics have been our daughter Madison is getting married next year. Areas around the country that we’re considering for a future root planting home base. And how long we want to live on the road and how long we think we can live on the road. We know we’ll Workamp, and do some seasonal work. With no real bills (fuel, food and insurance) when we launch this go around. It will make our travel 6 months work 6 months much more do able.

By the time we launch, I’ll have had kids at home 27 years. And in that time I’ve never stopped to pick where I want to be. It’s all been about taking care of the family. But we’ll have some time to live our lives and just experience life. Sure it comes with all new challenges. But it will be a whole new book of life for us. It’s about Living a Life that IS a Vacation, not one that requires a Vacation. It really is that simple.

So, that’s about it with where we are and what we’re thinking. So until next time all, stay Blessed and by all means keep on!