World on pause!


So hi all been out of things a bit. Between this world wide virus and being in the hospital with a leg infection. It was a very stress filled March.

But now I’m trying to feel some normal by posting again. For all that followed we did a basic mini series on Overlanding. Not much but tried to keep it simple. We will cover that topic again in the future. Mainly as our Jeep build takes off.

That said we look to be about 1-3 weeks out from starting the ZJ build. So looking forward to that cause right now it’s not ready for any trails. And that’s a bit of a bummer. But once the suspension is done we will be back out on trails with our local adventures firing up. “Trail rides, social distancing at its best.”

Any how just wanted to pop it and say hi and yep we are still alive and still planning. So till next time, stay blessed and keep on A.G.Eing!!