Speed Bumps in Life


Here I sit drinking my morning coffee again. And reminding myself that life does and will have speed bumps. I guess it’s funny to think “Speed Bumps” when talking about 30 months from now. Or 910 days. However it does feel as though the brakes have been tapped. Funds got tight and some saved cash needs to go to a few day to day needs. We also have a past medical bill pop up that will also drain the bank for a bit. What does all this really mean? Not a lot it’s called LIFE. And no mater the amount of planning or thinking you do. It can and does catch you off guard sometimes.

For me, speed bumps are a hard part of life. I tend to not like them and even wish them away. Michelle, she gets it. She knows that they will happen, that you really can’t control them. So you just have to roll over them. Man do I wish that I had her understanding on this. Cause it makes me cranky.

It someways I feel that I need to go back to the drawing board. But is that really needed? Not really. We have time, we have each other and we have God. He wouldn’t have put us on this path as he has if it wasn’t meant to happen. Funny is though, that after the Jeep crash I was all doom and gloom. Right up until I saw the light that put us on a faster track. Before the wreck we were on a 5 year plan, or 1825 days! Double where we are today. No it don’t make it any easier, but it does high light our progress.

I’ve been trying so hard to make things happen in a few “large steps” and skip the “baby steps”. I just might (and I really hate it) have to take smaller steps. In doing so, it might not be as cost effective. But may be needed. Uggh adulting can be hard, and suck, and be expensive.

Am I loosing focus? Maybe a little. But I do know that “This too will pass”. Why do I personally find it so sticking hard to live day to day? I’m 43 years old and feel as I’ve wasted the better part of my years getting here. Always doing what pays the bills, or what others feel I should do. Never in the past had I stopped to simply smell the flowers and “Pick MY direction”. And here we are about to “Pick our Direction”, and go off to live life our way on OUR terms. But I still must wait. And be patient. I guess I can now understand how, a 64 year old that has worked their WHOLE life just to retire feels. When they get right about there and the retirement age gets pushed to 67.

I guess you could say, I’ve always been a “I want tomorrow Today” kinda person. I dream, I hope and I plan. Why you may ask? Cause I’m not always happy where I am today. Or who I am today. It always seems as today is never enough. And that today there are never enough hours. Or that there are never enough days in a week. I need to learn to slow down more. Slow down better. To be at peace in my own mind. But HOW??? That my friend is the magic question. I’m sick of working to just pay bills. I’m sick of just sittin here. I’m sick of wanting to see and experience MORE!

I want to see the world. I’ve always wanted to travel but never knew how. See I was a product of what I’ve talked so passionate about before. The killing of the dreams of our youth. And now that I’ve been so far off track to going forward that way. It’s HARD! Yes we (Michelle and I) are getting on track with that. But it don’t make it any more simple. We have bills, children and responsibilities. Thus why this Blog is here. To get us on track and keep us on track. To share with all of you out there that IT can be done, but it’s neither simple or quick.

We hope that through our frustrations, pains and miss directions it will help you. Have the faith to step out of the norm and Just do life on your terms. I guess some people (aka my loving wife) journals. Me I’ve come to Blog. Funny to say that cause over that last 3-4 years I’ve started pushing away from technology.

Any ways, that is where I find myself or better yet my mind today and this week. SO when you find that your life hits speed bumps. Remember “This to shall pass”. So till next time, stay blessed my friends. And by all means keep on A.G.E.ing!!

Spring Cleaning my Mind


Hello friends. How has your week been? For me I had 2 extra days of work for advanced sorter training. All I can say is I now know how to program lasars to sort Cherries. We got Xaiver signed up for is Segment 1 driver’s ed. For those that don’t know. Michigan SUCKS for getting a young person a drivers license. 2 segments, 6 months than go get a license. When its all done you spend about $500 to get your kid driving. Crazy. And it really don’t make any better a driver.

So beyond that, we have been planning more. Life is good. It’s on the right track to where we want to go. I hope to start doing product reviews in about 4 weeks. See we will be ordering the first round of parts for the Jeep. From there on for about 6 weeks we will be getting all the needs to get the Jeep trail ready. That’s when the fun really gets started.

After the lift, suspension, steering, tires and wheels get bought. Than adventure will start to happen. Day trips, over nights and more. I’m also planning to launch more YouTube stuff at that point too. This year will have a lot to add here and on our YouTube.

When we started down this road. I wasn’t sure that any of it would start to come together. But I find as I develop patients. ME? yep I am. Odd cause 4 years ago I would have NEVER thought it would happen. But I’m growing as a person with this life direction. It all takes time, but that feels as if it’s getting faster as we go forward. I do think that it won’t really set in until we buy the Bus. And so far we’re on track to buy a bus by the summer’s end.

As of right now our only major trip will be to Florida. And I’ve never ever been there before. That will be to see my mother-in-law. But this trip won’t happen until August. Other than that, who knows what will pop up. I know that day trips in and around Michigan is planned. As part of that we will be in the UP a few times to explore trails, the falls and old mine locations.

As for a bus, well the size and layout have “evolved” a bit. We now have idea’s for big and littler buses. So we’re not locked into one size. We only have 2 really requirements. It must be able to pull the Jeep and have a full bathroom. Everything else is up in the air. Price, age and quality will really dictate what we buy. BUTT we will start looking at and filming some buses very soon.

Any how, I guess that’s about where we are for now. So until next time. Stay blessed and keep on A.G.E.ing!

Cross in the Woods, Indian River, Michigan

17 years together – 2/12/20


So I’m sitting here drinking my daily coffee. Next week on February 12th Michelle and I will have been married 17 years. Simply WOW! It hasn’t all been good or bad. We’ve had very rough years that about ended us. But over the last 3 1/2-4 years we’ve grown closer and better friends, Best Friends. It took Christ in both our lives. And the understanding that we can and will have fights. Just fight fair. We both can be very head strong passionate people about things near and dear to us each.

We also learned over the years that “Happy wife Happy life” isn’t near as true as “Happy Spouse, Happy House” It goes both ways.

It’s crazy that we’re starting to make some major head way to our dreams and goals. Now that we’re on the same page. We both have wants and needs out of where we plan to go in the future. But in the end it’s something we want to share together. We both want to live tiny with less stuff more memories. We both want to build and live on a school bus. We both also want to figure out where in the country we want our roots to be planted.

See we both grew up here in Michigan. I was born here (Port Huron), Michelle was born in Colorado (Sterling). But do to poor choices in our youth, we never took time to figure out where we want to place roots. I’ve always wanted to travel and live off the grid. Michelle is much simpler. She wants to provide for us, in the way of food. Grow crops and animals. I love the mountains, forests and small towns. Michelle loves forests, small towns and the water. Who knows this crazy adventure that we’ll be taking off on in the next few years might lead back here. Or to some place so much better than we could imagine.

See we plan to travel for 3-7 years. Look, listen, experience the country. Go places we’ve only read about or seen in pictures. We don’t simply want the 3-5 day vacation. We want to take in the beauty of places. Yellow Stone and Devils Tower for example. We have visited both and love them. But we don’t simply want a day or 3 of visit. We want to stay for weeks or months and take it all in. Find those places in the mountains or desert that are far from anything and stay awhile. I want to get better at photography and get back to writing. Michelle she wants me and us to slow down and just Live life.

I guess what I’m saying is that all these things we aim to do. Couldn’t happen if we were fighting and hating on each other. It’s a team plan, a team dream. It’s Us Against the World! And with God as our couch, anything is possible.

As you can read, we’re happy together. We’re working and planning the same goal. Find the soil that we want our roots to plant in. Find a place that we WANT to call home. It’s a big world, and being afraid of it isn’t what we are. I’m more afraid of getting to the end and saying, “If only I had…………”. Instead, I want to get to the end and simply say, “Wow what a adventure it was getting here, I’m ready to come home God.” Your backyard is just the beginning.

We all should aim to lessen the “If only I had’s…” and experience life. We we’re not created to simply work, pay bills and die. No we were created to go forth, share the good news and love what God has created. Live life my friends. Don’t just exist in it.

So until next time, stay blessed and by all means keep on A.G.E.ing!!!

The path is in front of you. Are you going to take it? Or simply stay put.