Sometimes the Bug, Sometimes the Windshield


Hi all, with a bit of luck this holiday season. Your reading the last post on this current layout/theme.

Well I’m figuring by now your wondering why the title of this post. It’s cause 2019 isn’t done tossing us around. See just less than a week back we were out enjoying dinner and a movie. But a Deer decided to use our Jeep as a end all. Yep we were driven along at about 55 mph. And SMASH! We were just having a conversion about how bad the headlight on the Jeep were and needing to be replaced. I saw the 3 on the driver side but not the one on the pass side running out.

Michelle, Xaiver and I are all OK. No injury’s to us. I can’t say the same of the dead. As for the Jeep. Well I’m spending the week between the 2 jobs rebuilding the whole front end. Hood, grill, fenders, core and headlights. All of it.

Ya I’m flustered with it. But 2019 has been a year of change and frustration. So here’s to 2020 being the year of forward motion and new paths.

Sorry no pics as of now but I will have some coming soon. So until next time, stay Blessed and Keep on!!

2019 coming to a close – Fast


So what all lies ahead for us? Alot really. See 2019 has been a year of change, re-set, re-group, re-build, and re-direct. 2020 will be a year of direction. So what is ahead you might ask?

Here is a simple look at 2020.

  • Michelle started a new job at the Hospital
  • I’ll be returning to maintenance in a shop
  • Project Redemption will get built
  • We will start really shopping for a Bus
  • A.G.E will gain a new look
  • Vlogs will be coming too
  • And we’ll be doing some overland

That’s 2020 at a simple glimpse. Sure there will be more and evolution. But these are the things that we are working to. With a hope and a prayer we’ll Buy and bus by the end of the summer. And we’ll have “Redemption” about 90% done by July. We will also be working to add area’s in this Blog to really dive into our directs, plans and future.

It’s amazing that we started this all 3 years back. Had what we thought was a failed launch to just find out it was a “re-positioning” of us. We have both grown and evolved in who we are. Along with what we want. I look to dive into the Bible more. I truly am blessed. Lots ahead. So until next time. Stay blessed friends and keep on!

And have a very Merry Christmas!

We bought another Jeep


Yep we did it we bought another Jeep. This time no loans. We are keeping this purchase and build out of pocket. Sticking to the plan that we want to hit the road in 2 1/2 years.

So what did we get? It’s a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Larado, with the 4.0l and NP242 T-case. Power windows and mirrors.

Nothing super fancy but it is a great low mileage base. 162,000 original miles from the second owner. It’s been taken care of over it’s life.

So this one will be “Project Redemption”


-#1 The action of saving or being saved from sin, error or evil.

#2 The action of regaining or gaining possession of something in exchange for payment or clearing a debt.

Both of the 2 means has value to us. And really talks straight to our hearts.

So to give a bit of background on what lead us to this vehicle for the future. Over the last several years, well since 2006 we have had:

  • ’87-99 Cherokees
  • ’93 Wrangler
  • ’15 Wrangler 4 door
  • ’16 Wrangler 2 door
  • A ’94 & ’98 Grand Cherokee

In those we have had experience with the following power trains.

  • 4.0L i6 Renix
  • 4.0L i6 H.O.s
  • 3.6 v6 VVTs
  • 4 speed autos
  • 5 speed autos
  • 5 speed manuals
  • 6 speed manuals

So you could say since ’06 we have covered most popular and unpopular Jeep drive-line combos.

We have also ran tire from stock to 35s in ATs, RTs, and MTs. And suspensions from super cheap budgets to full on custom builds. All of these played into our choice and build plan.

We are for the first time following my own advise to others, “Build for 99% that you do, not the 1% you DREAM of doing.”

The intended build on this Jeep will take about 6 to 12 months. It will do multiple things for us. From being my daily driver, to adventure rig to “Toad” when we get the bus done. It will give us freedom to head off into the woods for a few days without concern. It will also be the means to travel in a upcoming Vlog series we’re planning. I will in a future post get more into the whats and whys of add ons we have planned. Also keep in mind that we fully plan to do reviews at pre-install, fit and finish and a few bench marks along the way.

So for now I’ll say good bye, and in a week or so I’ll get you up to speed on this things full build plan.

Till next time stay Blessed and keep on!

Mavic Air – 18 month review


Well I’ve had my DJI Mavic Air since July of 2018 so about 18 months. And I now feel I have enough flight time to do a proper review of it. So lets start with a break down.

  • Total Flight time – 8 hours and 1 min
  • Total distance flown – 36.72 miles
  • Total number of flights – 50
  • Max Speed flown at – 43.1 mph
  • Total number of crashes – 2

I bought mine as the “Fly More Combo” from Best Buy. If memory service me I paid $999 when I bought it.

This Drone is a beast when it comes to features and build quality. I’ve crashed 2 times and only have some scratches and minor blade issues. I did change out the blades with issues (Broken tips). And it’s only been about the last 2 months I’ve really started to dig into all the options and features this things has. I do find that from time to time it can have outside interference issues that I’m not sure what they are. But it has never stopped me from being able to fly. I’d rate it a 9 out of 10 stars. With the interference being my only reason for not rating it a perfect 10.

I do plan to keep using and learning with this drone. And in the future buying a Mavic Zoom. But for all my currant needs this thing does it.

I would recommend it to anyone that is looking to get into Drone’s for photo or videos. And really look forward to all the things this can do that I have not learned yet.

So until next time, stay Blessed and keep on