Next steps – life after the JK


Well it’s been 14 days since Michelle had her car wreck that ended us having our Wrangler. Blessed she is ok but still sucks we are out the Jeep. The good of it all is no more car payment get to cash build another jeep and the bus will be bought sooner. So our launch date way out in 2024 has been pulled back to 2022. Yep a full 2 years sooner.

Being we are Jeep people or jeeple as most call us. We will build another Jeep. But it will either be a Cherokee(87-02) or a Grand Cherokee(94-98). Both cost of build out and no car payment are driving this plan.

So where are we in this all? We just came to terms with insurance. And I personally am finaly excepting that it’s not all bad. Does it change “the plan”? Sure a bit. But it also puts things on a much easier to handle plan.

So when does it all start? Now. We should be over the next few weeks buying another Jeep. Starting to collect parts. And still shopping for a bus. Remember if you want to help with our cost there is a donation button on this blog.

So I til next time, stay Blessed and keep on….

The frog is dead. R.I.P. Kermit has been killed.


Well, our beloved Jeep known here in as Kermit has died. My wife this past Sunday was in a bad wreck. She got T-boned by a Audi SUV that was doing 55mph.

She is fine other than bruises. She was very lucky. God had his hands on her. They had to use the jaws of life to remove her from the Jeep.

Stay tuned to what comes next.

Stay blessed my friends and keep on .

Happy October 1st


Well been a crazy fast year so far. Already October 1st. So where are we in future development? We launch the event Rage Against the Snow 2019.

That will be a fun fill family offroad and sledding event between Christmas and New Year’s.

Been laying out our final build out plan for the Jeep. And working more and more everyday on what we want in and out of a bus.

Money is still our short fall. Working to start pushing our AGE swag. If you didn’t already know over to the left in our menu bar(if you on a computer) is a link to our AGE drop ship store. Looking to get some more stuff there for you all. And it directly helps to fund this future plan. Also looking to get more content up on YouTube as well. See we don’t have a Mac Book or funds for fancy software. So I feel silly doing videos. But our Vlog is lacking in content. So i will see what we can do.

I am working on some sketches of bus layouts and ideas. I’ll be adding to our bus build area of this blog soon.

Oh and completely unrelated to our Adventures our son’s high school marching band has made national news for all the right reasons. Go FA.

So I guess I don’t have as much to say today as I thought. Till next time stay Blessed and keep on