Happy New Year..


Hello again. Been sometime since our last update. Not really much new. We’re still aiming to stay in Northern Michigan for at least the net 3-5 years. Longer with a mix of travel if we can get a few ventures up and running.

For any of you all following us on FaceBook you probably have picked up on hits that we’re working to launch “A.G.E. Outdoors – Trail Running Tour Guides” (Name is still being looked at). We’re in the early stage of planning but with a bit of blessing and luck we’ll be up and running by June 2019. Look ahead for more info on this venture in the near future.

We are also working to re-brand our vinyl business. And taking Frank and Shelly’s Vinyl to FnS Creations (Finesse Creations). With a new host of products and options. More on this in the future, but we’re looking at many options.

We still are working to getting back in a place of our own. But that is slow going at best. I myself (Frank) have been less than successful at landing a job that’s much more than min wage. But we’re staying focused and Praying that all turns around for us.

We do feel very blessed that the Gillette’s have taken us in. Given us a place to call home and made us apart of their family. Without them right now we’re not sure where we’d be. But the blessings that this family brings to our life has greatly improved our view for the future.

Not to take anything away from Julia that gave us a place when we first returned to Michigan after our “Floundering” full time RV life. Thank you Julia you gave a a great safe stop over too.

Life for us since June truly has been interesting in way we could have never expected. But from a family view point. I don’t think we would change any of it if we could. It’s a fresh look at life and a clean start. Sure it’s not easy but good things never are. And blessing are flowing through us and to us. We just have to remind our selves from day to day that “We’re not God, He is..” And the with this season will come a harvest of fruitfulness. We’re just warming up.

So until next time. Stay Blessed and Keep on A.G.E.ing!

Rage Against the Snow 2018