Our Motor-Home we call her Voyager



Our motor-home is a 1993 Airstream Legacy 30 footer. It has a 454 EFI motor with a 3 speed plus over drive transmission. The suspension has been updated with stiffer sway bars, new front air bags, shocks and brakes. We bought her needing a little TLC to the inside and some paint. We repainted the out side semi-gloss white. Re-paneled several walls, painted the cupboards all white and walls green. Sorry if you love the wood, it was just to enclosing feeling for a RV that will have 4 people and 2 pets living in it. On top of all the paint we also removed and resealed every single window it has. Resealed roof and replaced both roof fans.

So here she is – Voyager (Yes we are Treky’s)

You can see some of the work we’ve done, what it was before and a few ok pics of how she is now.

Planning! And getting ready(kinda)


We’ll we’re sitting here before dinner having a family meeting. My lovely wife has taken the lead on down sizing. See our house is sold and the new owners move in April 1st, 2018. We will be living in the motor-home in the driveway. The new owners are friends of ours. So between now and April 1st. Voyager (our motor-home) does into shop for general updates and maintenance. It will be one 2 weeks, by the time we get her back we will have 2 weeks. That will cover doing some touch up paint, recover 1 wall and build a hutch. Along with moving our family of 4 and 2 pets in. Good thing we’re in the driveway and have use of half a 2 car garage.

As for the downsizing and moving in. Shelly is using 5S to make it simpler. If you have never heard of 5S it’s a manufacturing organization method. She is very much a procedure type person. She follows steps in all things very well. This is new for me, cause I’m not so much for following as I am naturally a leader. Part of our adventure is me learning that I don’t always have to be the leader. So far I’m in freak out mode cause I don’t follow very well at all.

So as of right now we have the following time line. Move in April 1st, family trip May 16th, last day of work June 15th and hit the road June 16th, 2018. So on June 16th, our adventure really begins. The goal we have set forth will take form. To say I’m not a little fearful would not be true. I have my fears, more about the unknown and the knowing our future income is in the hands of how creative we can and will be. But at the very same time, I’m feeling like a kid in a candy store with $100 bill.

One of the other requirements of this Adventure is no freeways. Our self imposed goal is all 2 lane roads. This is in part to help us slow down and enjoy the long forgotten America. Visit small towns, go to small town churches and just simply slow life down to a more mellow pace. Read more