The Bus


So far we still have not bought our Bus but we have a “tentative” layout that we really like. And will help us when shopping for our bus. Our layout calls for a full use bathroom and a functional garage for tools and mountain bikes. And yes we know we’re the odd couple in wanting a Flat-Nose Front Engine. But all aspects of our design and plan call for that. We are also looking to add 6 under belly storage areas. Yes 6. And out gray tank and fresh take will be between frame rails. The bus will be setup for 4 season living and use. We are also are planning for 1200 plus watts of 24 volt solar, mini-split heat/air and a Grizzly wood stove..


Bus layout has been roughed out on paper. A plan to drive speperatly has been added. And we are aiming for a 28-36 foot bus preferably a flat nose front engine. So planning still happening. The bummer is we are 1-2 years from bus purchase. But we will get there.


Well this is still a plan. But more a “Back Burner” plan. Will we build a Bus? Oh YA! When, well that is the question. Right now a secure future and income has over shadowed all plans for the Bus. So for now this area of our Blog will cover ideas and dreams and sometime down the road a build. So till than we’ll just keep on dreaming.


More bus planning fokes. We have been drawing out floor plans, reading about 12 volt vs 24 volt vs 48 volt solar setups. Flat nose and Dog nose buses. And WOW! Just like in the Jeep world there are so many pros and cons to each. But what we do know is our use looks more and more like a “Dog-Nose” will be what we will be shopping for. It’s not the most space but the most “Two-Trackable” for us. See we plan to explore, adventure and Boondock ALOT. once we’re back out on the road. And for use Boondocking means getting out and away from all things including main roads. We also plan to buy a new car hauler to put the Jeep on. Flat towing just isn’t something that I want to do long term. Not that it’s bad, just don’t want the ware on our Jeep. Just going Michigan to Colorado flat towing behind the RV wore our Jeeps front tires by 40%. Could it have been our setup? Sure but not something I want to repeat. So a car hauler for us is a requirement. Plus Xaiver now has a moped that will be going with us. So between the Jeep, bikes, moped and who knows what else. We need a way to carry it all.

We are still looking to be able to buy our Bus withing the next 2 months. And God willing we will. So till our next update. God bless and keep on


Well I figured that seeing we are planning a Bus build that we should start with where we are in this. Shopping and planning phase. Below is a very useful image that I came upon on another Bloggers post. Sorry can’t recall who you were but will add credits once I recall or find the info again.

There are 3 basic types of School buses. Front engine AKA “Dog Nose”, Front engine “Flat Nose” and Rear engine “Flat Nose”.

All have pros and cons going for them. As this post grows I’ll go over them more and more. But the short of it is this: Dog nose drives more like a big truck and has best ground clearance, Front engine “flatty” Good space to live in and better ride, Rear engine “Flatty” best ride, lowest ground clearance and quietest inside.

So that is the 3 different school bus layouts.