Spring Cleaning my Mind


Hello friends. How has your week been? For me I had 2 extra days of work for advanced sorter training. All I can say is I now know how to program lasars to sort Cherries. We got Xaiver signed up for is Segment 1 driver’s ed. For those that don’t know. Michigan SUCKS for getting a young person a drivers license. 2 segments, 6 months than go get a license. When its all done you spend about $500 to get your kid driving. Crazy. And it really don’t make any better a driver.

So beyond that, we have been planning more. Life is good. It’s on the right track to where we want to go. I hope to start doing product reviews in about 4 weeks. See we will be ordering the first round of parts for the Jeep. From there on for about 6 weeks we will be getting all the needs to get the Jeep trail ready. That’s when the fun really gets started.

After the lift, suspension, steering, tires and wheels get bought. Than adventure will start to happen. Day trips, over nights and more. I’m also planning to launch more YouTube stuff at that point too. This year will have a lot to add here and on our YouTube.

When we started down this road. I wasn’t sure that any of it would start to come together. But I find as I develop patients. ME? yep I am. Odd cause 4 years ago I would have NEVER thought it would happen. But I’m growing as a person with this life direction. It all takes time, but that feels as if it’s getting faster as we go forward. I do think that it won’t really set in until we buy the Bus. And so far we’re on track to buy a bus by the summer’s end.

As of right now our only major trip will be to Florida. And I’ve never ever been there before. That will be to see my mother-in-law. But this trip won’t happen until August. Other than that, who knows what will pop up. I know that day trips in and around Michigan is planned. As part of that we will be in the UP a few times to explore trails, the falls and old mine locations.

As for a bus, well the size and layout have “evolved” a bit. We now have idea’s for big and littler buses. So we’re not locked into one size. We only have 2 really requirements. It must be able to pull the Jeep and have a full bathroom. Everything else is up in the air. Price, age and quality will really dictate what we buy. BUTT we will start looking at and filming some buses very soon.

Any how, I guess that’s about where we are for now. So until next time. Stay blessed and keep on A.G.E.ing!

Cross in the Woods, Indian River, Michigan

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