We landed our first Workamp Job!!!


Well fokes, we did it before launch day. We landed our first Workamper job. We’ll be doing Host and Maintenance duty’s at Chapman Campground in north-central Colorado till mid September. We got pay and a full hook-up site on a awesome trout stream. Pics to come as soon as we get there July 7th. We are so blessed and thankful. In case you didn’t know what a “Workamper” is you can follow the link. No we are not paid by them it’s simply for your information. Same with the campground.

As I sit here typing we are getting ready for our last weekend here. We’ll have our first Vlogg post coming this weekend as well. Just a simple introduction to us and what lays ahead. We will be headed north out of Muskegon, Michigan on June 29th at around 6:15am. Yes I have it dialed in that well on leave date. This has been a long time coming. A post in the next few days will be coming with more info on the whys, and the whens this all became a dream into a plan.

This weekend will be a bit of a few things. Finish up organizing, setting up brake controller (we have a trailer for our Jeep more on that later), clean up the area we’ve been parked, set-up mail forwarding, and we’re looking to more the Blogg to a stand alone host for more control and easier adding of better “widgets” and our E-store. We also plan to add for a “Donation” button because well there is cost involved in keep you all in our loop of life.

I really had not planned a blogg post today, but after locking in our Workamp we were super thrilled and just had to share. Also starting after June 30th, you all will start getting pictures with each post too. Until next time.

Stay blessed and keep on A.G.E.ing.

Getting closer


Good morning all. Seems my head is so full that I’m not completely sure what topic I want to start with. As I type this it is hard to get my mind around that fact we are only 21 days from full blow launch day. 21 days till a dream that started back when I was a little boy started to grow. How many of you can say you have lived your dreams? I know until we started down the road of Full Time RVing I had not.

Over the next few weeks we are working to establish a few new income lines, re-brand our Vinyl sticker company and just simply breath. We also are planning that this post right here will be our first of the weekly updates. Michelle is goaling at also getting videos up as well. So that will be coming as well.

See we are new to all of this. But if one thing rings true, ALOT of people both want to see how we do what we do. And see how they might some day do it as well. I’ve said it before, we’re not rich, we don’t have tons of money. We simple have each other and a plan. And having God’s blessing helps too.

I do think that along with the normal weekly updates, I’ll have some how-to, and such. There will be more coming this weekend as we’re getting alot of our online stuff all together. So for now.

Stay Bless and keep on A.G.Eing.

Launch date has moved And more updates


Well as we sit here going over funds, plans and direction. We have moved our leave date out 2 weeks. Our new launch date is June 29th. Why you might ask? Well simple it adds a bit of funds into the bank account. And it also gives us a bit more time to get all setup to leave. See this week (Friday the 13th) my loving wife goes in for surgery having her Gallbladder out. Even though it’s not a bad surgery it’s still surgery non-the-less for a person that both heals slow and has a very low tolerance for pain.

We also will be hosting a Jeepin’ event in Grayling Michigan July 1st and 2nd and the first Jeepin for Jesus – Colorado event August 23rd to 25th based out of Ouray, Colorado. We’ll have more details on both of these with links to info if you all want to join too.

Things are really starting to shape up though. We moved into the motorhome a week ago. In the driveway of the house we are selling to friends. Kids are a bit off on how they should feel living in the driveway of their old home. But we feel it will level out the sooner we get to doing short trips out. We will be heading to Port Huron in May to see our mother. (My mother-in-Law). And we might do a small trip or 2 out with the kids on weekends. Mainly to really get use to how it feels to be full time on the road.

Here is a brief look at our general plan:

  • Launch June 29th (Friday)
  • Julia’s 29th to 30th
  • Grayling June 30th to July 5th
  • Pictured Rock July 5th to July 7th
  • Green Bay July 7th to 12th
  • Green Bay to Sioux Falls, SD July 12th to July 14th
  • Sioux Falls July 14th to 16th
  • Sioux Falls to Badlands National Park July 16th to July 20th
  • Badlands National Park July 20th to July 23rd
  • Rapid City(Black Hills/Devils Tower) July 23rd to 29th
  • Rapid City to Sterling CO July 29th to 31st
  • Sterling CO July 31st to Aug 1st
  • Sterling to Dinosaur Aug 1st to Aug 7th
  • Dinosaur CO Aug 7th to 10th
  • Dinosaur to Ouray CO Aug 10th to Aug 20th
  • Ouray CO Aug 20th to Aug 27th
  • Aug 27th head south for the winter and 3 months off the road to work


Till later, be blessed and take care.

T -94 Days and counting down


Well we’ve been super busy. Dropped the motor-home off at the repair shop on 3/5/2018. This was to get it serviced and checked out. While it’s there we have been fast on down sizing. I don’t know about you but WOW has this been a task. All these years of collecting junk. Just simply for what reason? We found that better than 95% of our stuff we don’t use or haven’t used in many years.

As we sit here, we are ready. Ready to get to getting and just plan move on. But we also find we have to slow down and breath. We’re getting ready to move the family into the motor-home on April 1st. We have our house sold with a agreement that we can stay in the driveway in the motor-home till June when we leave.

This Saturday (March 17th) will be the next big step. This step is where the garage gets completely gone through. It all must go. I’m a bit taken back by that. See I’ve spent the better part of my adult life collecting most the things in there. Or should I say hording? I discovered that there is things in my garage I have NEVER used. Wow, how is it that I have come to such a place. That I collect things simply because I do. Or I should say I did.

See we started down sizing about 9 months ago. And little by little we found how little of our things we really were using. In 9 months not our kids, my wife or myself have any of us asked where something we got rid of was. We simply found that we never needed or used it. And really can’t find any reason we would.

The point of this all is, take a good look at your life, you can live with way less.

Our Motor-Home we call her Voyager



Our motor-home is a 1993 Airstream Legacy 30 footer. It has a 454 EFI motor with a 3 speed plus over drive transmission. The suspension has been updated with stiffer sway bars, new front air bags, shocks and brakes. We bought her needing a little TLC to the inside and some paint. We repainted the out side semi-gloss white. Re-paneled several walls, painted the cupboards all white and walls green. Sorry if you love the wood, it was just to enclosing feeling for a RV that will have 4 people and 2 pets living in it. On top of all the paint we also removed and resealed every single window it has. Resealed roof and replaced both roof fans.

So here she is – Voyager (Yes we are Treky’s)

You can see some of the work we’ve done, what it was before and a few ok pics of how she is now.

Planning! And getting ready(kinda)


We’ll we’re sitting here before dinner having a family meeting. My lovely wife has taken the lead on down sizing. See our house is sold and the new owners move in April 1st, 2018. We will be living in the motor-home in the driveway. The new owners are friends of ours. So between now and April 1st. Voyager (our motor-home) does into shop for general updates and maintenance. It will be one 2 weeks, by the time we get her back we will have 2 weeks. That will cover doing some touch up paint, recover 1 wall and build a hutch. Along with moving our family of 4 and 2 pets in. Good thing we’re in the driveway and have use of half a 2 car garage.

As for the downsizing and moving in. Shelly is using 5S to make it simpler. If you have never heard of 5S it’s a manufacturing organization method. She is very much a procedure type person. She follows steps in all things very well. This is new for me, cause I’m not so much for following as I am naturally a leader. Part of our adventure is me learning that I don’t always have to be the leader. So far I’m in freak out mode cause I don’t follow very well at all.

So as of right now we have the following time line. Move in April 1st, family trip May 16th, last day of work June 15th and hit the road June 16th, 2018. So on June 16th, our adventure really begins. The goal we have set forth will take form. To say I’m not a little fearful would not be true. I have my fears, more about the unknown and the knowing our future income is in the hands of how creative we can and will be. But at the very same time, I’m feeling like a kid in a candy store with $100 bill.

One of the other requirements of this Adventure is no freeways. Our self imposed goal is all 2 lane roads. This is in part to help us slow down and enjoy the long forgotten America. Visit small towns, go to small town churches and just simply slow life down to a more mellow pace. Continue reading Planning! And getting ready(kinda)

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining US!

“Live a life that is a vacation, Not one that requires a vacation.”

And it starts. Well I should really say it picks up and moves on. See the journey that picks up with this Blog was placed in our minds back in 2002 before we got married. Than in 2003 we started talking more about it, but with little understanding of this. It was placed on the back burner of life. Than in December of 2016 when I found my way to Christ or I should say he into my life. The idea/goal/dream in our hearts came back into focus. And we found the only thing holding us back was fear. Fear is just lack of faith. And faith is now something we have. But I think I may be getting ahead of myself, being that you don’t even know who we are, Yet..


Continue reading The Journey Begins