How we are and where we are at.



Well for all those that saw on FaceBook and our last post. We are back in Michigan, Fife Lake area. The reality of the lose of our loved Voyager. Has really started to set in. We are looking for work to reset. The currant plan does call for a “Skoolie”. It’s just more “us” and free. But before that can happen we first must get some funds back in the bank.

We learned alot about RVing and trip planning in our failed launch this year. #1 do your research on your route! That is by far the biggest thing that we learned. #2 if the deal sounds to good, it is. See we paid a shop that’s pricing seemed to good to be true. In turn it was to good cause then never did the work they were hired to do and charged us for.

And that’s just the beginning. See we broke all our own rules when we launched. Sure we really wanted to Workamp in Colorado. But we had to drive long hours, faster than we wanted to and not enjoy any of the trip out west. We made Colorado from Northern Michigan in 3 days. And we never took any freeways. WI will say we found that there is alot more to Nebraska than we thought. And we look forward to going back there.

So as of now, we are where we are. Xaiver is playing High School Football up here for Forest Area. And we are helping our friend get her campground up and going. In return we have a place to stay and build our Skoolie.

And for those of you still looking for more info on our YouTube channel. There is stuff still coming. We have several hours of video that my lovely wife is working on. We also do have our Mavic Air drone and been working on our flight skills. We will have a few flight videos coming soon too.

Sadly though we have not got hiked, fished, biked or wheeled near as much as we would like to. But you all know that life can sometimes toss you a curve or two. And right now we are living a curve.

So in case you all are wondering “Do we regret our planned launch and mishap?” Not at all. We shot for the stars and got the moon. We in no way are giving up on this dream. If anything just getting to see, feel and know their is so much more out there. That has us pushing harder, planning better and thinking stronger. We can do this. We will do this. It’s just going to take a bit longer. But you know, that isn’t all bad. Cause we get to also help a good friend out in the mean time.

So till next time, Stay Blessed and Keep on



I’m sitting here in a Hotel room on our return trip to Michigan. And something I said earlier in the day keeps ringing in my head. “Dreams, not all reach for them. But we tried for the stars and only reached the moon. So time to reset and try again.” Seems many of been very surprised that our little set back hasn’t completely discouraged us from this “Full -Timer” life style. But in reality I think it’s propped us up even more. It’s shown us what we were doing wrong in our planning. It’s showed us what we really needed in a RV.

Sure we’re headed back to Michigan, but it’s to reset and regroup. We found that our setup was WAY off from what we really needed. That we had things we didn’t need and needed things we didn’t have.

We will launch again next year. Either on the 4th of July or Labor Day 2019. But we will do this. We will be working harder to both Get FnS Vinyl up and running more as a income and less as a hobby. We also are looking to launch a hand crafted store. And the real fun part. Shopping, buying and building our Skoolie.

We know that not all RV parks will let skoolies in. But if they don’t want our money than we don’t want to stay there. We also plan to build it completely as a stand alone off the grid camping machine. We’re talking full on solar power to do it all. Compost toilet, filtered gray water system and more.

See Voyager had issues with heat, cooling and generator running every-time you needed it to. Heat well you couldn’t get it to cool down with out a shore line to run the AC. Cooling the cab AC was in need of some repair. And well the generator just simply needed a servicing. All things that made a cross country trip in 100+ temps very uncomfortable to say the least.

So project “Koolie Skoolie” as we have been calling it. Is in it’s planning and shopping faze. We have a lead on a few different buses. SO who knows currant plan calls for us to at the very least buy the bus with in the next 1 to 2 months. So if you want to see it happen faster Please by all means click and donate to the cause.

Well until next time, God bless and keep on

Almost 2 weeks out and troubles have struck


Hello everyone,

Here we sit almost 2 weeks out and broken down and in the shop for the second time. Boy are we learning as we go. You never can be to prepared on this kind of adventure and Poop happens. Break down 1 was from a repair shop NOT doing a good job and left the cotter pin out of a castle nut on a tie-rod end. And now break down 2 is a tranny issue do mainly to a Motorhome that was much more worn out than we had seen.

But we’re still smiling and looking forward. Our plan direction has changed some. See we now know that our currant Motorhome is more un-safe than safe when it comes to travels. So currant plan calls for us to head back to Stonewood Ranch. I’ll pull a job near there and we’ll start a gang buster pace to build a “Kool Skoolie”. We are less worried about campgrounds not letting us in and more on enjoying our travels.

We have also learned (the hard way) research your travel routes better. Our motorhome died on what is probably the deadliest road in the lower 48, I70 between Eisenhower pass and Vail pass. Being a Jeeper and loving adventure I was even scared driven our Jeep on this road way. But you live you learn and you evolve. So that we will keep moving on. And today I do have some pictures for you all.

And that is from Michgan, threw Wisconsin, into South Dakota, into Nebraska and finally to were we are held up into Colorado. Alot of beautiful sites. Because we were on a fast pace (broke all our own rules) to get out here. We didn’t get much in the way of drone videos but going back will be more on our planned pace of no more than 4-6 hours drive each day. More to come all. We are also working on a few reviews of things we use (camera, new and our old drone and other stuff).

So till later God bless and keep on….



5 days in and…..


Here we are 5 days in and so much (at least feels that way) has changed. We started out to Fife Lake (Camp Stonewood Ranch) and found we were only getting 3-4 mpg out of the Motor-Home. Odd was that we got 14mpg back when we bought it 9 months ago while flat towing our Jeep. Turns out that the flat deck trailer we has planned to tow along for extra storage had been miss weighed. Our best guess is that it weighed closer to 3500 LBS than the 1500 LBS we were told. On top of that we never did get our trailer brakes working correctly and I think they may have even been “stuck” all the time.

So that lead to us going back to our plan to flat tow the Jeep. And again a last min rush to down size even more.

Than problem 2 pops up. Seems our replacement water heater has a defective circuit board. And they place I bought it through on Amazon won’t respond to any of my e-mails. So we might have to break down and buy another circuit board for our brand new water heater. Wasn’t bad enough it took 2 weeks to come in But than it only worked for 4 days.

Now to problem 3 and the biggy. We were almost to Petoskey MI when we had a tie-rod break. Or at least loose it’s castle nut. We were doing about 55 mph when we came over a hill. And BOOM! no steering at all. It took all I could (with the good Lords guiding hand) to safely get it off the road. I thought we were done. I really thought that it was all over. I just aimed for a open field and fought to get it there. She came to rest on the side of the road, as if you just pulled over.

I feel very blessed this evening to be safe and alive with my family.

So here we are now sitting in a big truck repair lot. Plugged in but can’t get repaired till Thursday due to the 4th of July. We are now 2 days behind on a 3 day trip to Colorado to our Workamp job.

I know that we need the complete front end looked at and repaired now. Thank you Progressive Insurance for the tow. I do think they need to find big tow trucks faster. We sat on the road side (great little area) for well over 5 hours.

So we will sit here. Slow down and reflect. With some luck tomorrow our few Vlog videos will be up too.

So how do you all that full time recover from close calls?

Let us know.


Till later, God bless and Keep

Launch Day is Here!!!!!


Well it’s the end of our last day at Lakeshore Fittings. I personally have mixed feelings. I’m joyest for the new adventures and the next steps in life. And I’m sad due to leaving behind a place that has let me grow my skills. I know that I speak for both my wife and myself in saying “Thank you Lakeshore, for all you have done for us”. We will miss it there.

But like all things in life you sometimes need change. And the changes ahead are simply unexplainable for me. 15 plus years of dreaming and imagining are being placed into play. We have done it. We are full time RVers. We have left the slavery of our “sticks and bricks” home behind. And moved on to the freedom of the open road. First the very first time in our adult lives we are taking a direction that we want. One that several think is crazy, foolish and borderline insane.

But I ask “who really is the crazy one? The one that follows their dreams and goals or the one that simply is to scared to try?” See we all tell our kids they can do anything they want when they grow up. But what we’re really saying is “You can get a JOB doing whatever you want to pay bills. And if your really good someday when you’re old and worn out you MIGHT get a few years bill free.” For what and why is this ever seen as correct? We’re done with that model and are breaking the mold of the status quo if you will.

Jesus told us “Go forth and spread the good news”, not Work hard and pay your bills. I for one want a life that is very much a vacation not one that requires a vacation. Memories are what I’ll be filling my life with, not stuff.

Are we crazy? Maybe a bit. But then again who really isn’t a little crazy at heart. So for all of you that have not yet built up the confidence to throw caution to the wind and jump. You all can live and learn through us here on this Blog and on YouTube at our Vlog. We will miss all we’re leaving behind.

Until next time, God Bless and Keep!!!




In 31 hours from now we will be throwing away these shoes we have been wearing for about a year, for my husband even longer.

The shoes that we wear at a steppingstone job that is taking us to a dream we have been waiting for a Long time coming. That dream will become a reality in 31 hours.

I know what some of you are thinking , ” there just shoes, what’s the big deal!?”

Let me ask you readers, have you ever made a decision that you were so determined to make there was no failure option. You know the – how do I make this happen, no matter what it cost, no matter how much I have to change, or where I have to go … it IS going to happen. If you ever felt that kind of determination than you know what I am talking about.

The shoes we wear are not just any shoes, these mean something. We took a billion steps to make this dream a reality. Now we are getting rid of past shoes and putting on new shoes. With a new dream in our hearts with the same determination to take billion steps in the direction we want to go.

So when these shoes go away we know what it will take to make dreams happen, because we walked in those shoes.