Re-Group, Re-View, Re-Set and Attack


So lots going on. Well at least mentally.  We have holidays just around the corner. And we’re gearing up for that. But we are also building a plan of attack for next year starting in January.

For starters our Jeep build/plan has turned into a Overland, Daily Driver, Adventure rig that can be flat towed simply by a Bus. It’s funny looking at all my notes since the accident and watch the Jeep go from big to functional right in front of my eyes. As for the Jeep we are looking for either a ’91 to ’01 Cherokee or a ’96 to ’98 Grand Cherokee. The function of use and need fall near perfect on these 2 platforms. We will both Blog and Vlog about it’s build once we find what we’re looking for. Same with a bus we’re gearing up to buy a bus by mid summer 2020. And that too will gain a full documentation.

The more time passes and we talk about the old Jeep. We see how clearly blessed we are. Between the lack of injury and the opening up of our finances to better set pace for a 2022 launch (2.0) date..

I find myself looking back over the many years of my adult life. And 1 thing rings so true over it all. I’ve never stopped to live! I simply have just lived life by the worlds terms. I’ve been a slave to dept and to a job. Working to a dream that was never mine. Truth be told I never took time to look at what I might want out of life. And in a few short years from now Michelle and I will take off on a grand adventure. This time dept free, bill free, and kid free (kids out on their own). We will set off to explore this great country. Seeking adventure and freedom beyond what living in a “Stick and Brick” house can bring. Living a life that is a vacation not one that requires one. I’m ready to slow down and smell the flowers.

Who knows maybe I’ll get time to write that book I’ve always dreamed of. Maybe we’ll find the time to get into doing little movies about long forgotten places. Maybe it will be a “12 different jobs in 12 months” kinda thing too.

The point of this all is this. We don’t all fit the same mold. And really most of the time you may not fit any mold at all. We don’t need to live our life for the dollar. We have options, choices and chances. Take them, make them and LIVE!

Well till later, stay Blessed my friends and Keep on!!!

One of my wife’s favorite pictures. And a favorite area of ours in North East Nebraska.


Next steps – life after the JK


Well it’s been 14 days since Michelle had her car wreck that ended us having our Wrangler. Blessed she is ok but still sucks we are out the Jeep. The good of it all is no more car payment get to cash build another jeep and the bus will be bought sooner. So our launch date way out in 2024 has been pulled back to 2022. Yep a full 2 years sooner.

Being we are Jeep people or jeeple as most call us. We will build another Jeep. But it will either be a Cherokee(87-02) or a Grand Cherokee(94-98). Both cost of build out and no car payment are driving this plan.

So where are we in this all? We just came to terms with insurance. And I personally am finaly excepting that it’s not all bad. Does it change “the plan”? Sure a bit. But it also puts things on a much easier to handle plan.

So when does it all start? Now. We should be over the next few weeks buying another Jeep. Starting to collect parts. And still shopping for a bus. Remember if you want to help with our cost there is a donation button on this blog.

So I til next time, stay Blessed and keep on….

The frog is dead. R.I.P. Kermit has been killed.


Well, our beloved Jeep known here in as Kermit has died. My wife this past Sunday was in a bad wreck. She got T-boned by a Audi SUV that was doing 55mph.

She is fine other than bruises. She was very lucky. God had his hands on her. They had to use the jaws of life to remove her from the Jeep.

Stay tuned to what comes next.

Stay blessed my friends and keep on .

Happy October 1st


Well been a crazy fast year so far. Already October 1st. So where are we in future development? We launch the event Rage Against the Snow 2019.

That will be a fun fill family offroad and sledding event between Christmas and New Year’s.

Been laying out our final build out plan for the Jeep. And working more and more everyday on what we want in and out of a bus.

Money is still our short fall. Working to start pushing our AGE swag. If you didn’t already know over to the left in our menu bar(if you on a computer) is a link to our AGE drop ship store. Looking to get some more stuff there for you all. And it directly helps to fund this future plan. Also looking to get more content up on YouTube as well. See we don’t have a Mac Book or funds for fancy software. So I feel silly doing videos. But our Vlog is lacking in content. So i will see what we can do.

I am working on some sketches of bus layouts and ideas. I’ll be adding to our bus build area of this blog soon.

Oh and completely unrelated to our Adventures our son’s high school marching band has made national news for all the right reasons. Go FA.

So I guess I don’t have as much to say today as I thought. Till next time stay Blessed and keep on

Pathways in life


Well I said I’d work to write more. Even I didn’t see doing another post so soon. But the mind is a racing on thoughts. This post will be more spiritual than most. For any of you that know us or have read this blog from the beginning. Faith plays a lot in our direction and life.

So where to start, we are all on different paths in life. Sometimes we are guided onto new ones and other times we just simply take a different direction. Others lifes detours due to construction lead us where we never thought we’d be or ever go. We also have our ideas of where than there is God’s idea of where.

If you had asked me 6 years back where I would be today. I’d have told you I’d be running a Hydromat department. Or building them or repairing them or even setting them up. See I know hydromats after 24 years I should. So well it was my bread and butter for years. But see now it’s been about 1 1/2 years since I touched one. I would have never guessed I would have ever left that industry.

But I did. Why? Faith and choice. Faith was from God pointing us back on a 15 year old dream to travel. And choice to not live by the slavery of modern life. Now here I sit a manager of a Quick lube center. Not even close to what or where I thoughts I’d be. See afree the disaster of the RV and our return to Michigan I was lost. Still aim rreally. I’m not what or who or whom i exspted to be right now. And to make it all even more confusing I’ve been ignoring God’s push.

I guess I should step back a moment for I brief explanation. See for years (evend before I came to christ) I have been told I have 2 God blessed gifts. The gift of being heard when I speak and the gift of being followed when I lead. Once I opened my eyes to this and excepted them it scared me stupid. People fir many years have simply followed me blindly. And God has been nudging me since launch day 1.0 to use these gifts for him.

He has been pushing and promoting me to change careers into ministry. And much like Jacob, I’ve been wrestling with God over doing this. Why you might ask? It’s simple, the concern that if I do this I’d no long be able to support my family.

It don’t help I have no clue where to start. We have no home church for guidance and a place to start. Our current schedules also make it super hard. I’m really at a point of choice. I can leap into ministry blindly or stay put and keep wrestling with God.

I’ve been asked more than a dozen times over the last 3 months if I’m a pastor. This is by some people we know but mostly those that have just meet me. I’m no one special. I sin, I cuss, I get mad and yes I even get mad at God.

So where does this all lead? For now and the future? I have no clue. I know that at some point I need to follow God’s lead if I ever really want his blessings. Who knows I’m sure his path for me requires four wheel drive.

And just tossing this out there, if you know of a church in TC or Kalkaska area looking for someone till fill a opening in ministry toss me out there. You never learn to swim if all you do is stay in the boat.

Till next time, stay blessed and keep on….

Fall is around the corner.


Well I started trying to get this post in weeks ago. But life just kept getting in the way. See our Madison decided again that she new more about life than we do and she has moved out and on. If you read back before launch day(1.0) we had this happen than too. But she is nearly 18 now and it’s her choice.

Butt that isn’t why we are here. Life does happen things change and we evolve with it all. Right now it’s more about hold our ground. Started planning our Rage Against the Snow 2019 jeep event. Routing is going well. It’s a event we do cause we love snow Jeeping. And we will probably do one a year till we launch in 2024.

Stress of life, funds and planning for the future is still there. But what can you do? It’s not like I can go down to Walmart and buy a time machine. Us we’d miss important events. Speaking of events our son’s school canceled the rest of their varsity football season after 2 games. Lack of interest they say. It said cause we look forward to the games and seeing our son play. And he’s starting to aim to his goals in his future and had planned this to be his last year playing football.

So what’s next?? Dont know. I’d love to say buy our bus, start the build or start the next stage of our jeep build. Or even give some idea of direction. Butt right now it’s all day to day, week to week. We are kind of locked in for the next 2 1/2 years. We do keep shopping for a bus, but that requires money. Of which we do not have at this time.

So till next time. Stay blessed and keep on


by: James “Gimpy” Snider

Where, Why, How and When?!?!?


Hello again.

I’m hoping that today will be the start of weekly updates. We’ll see how that works. I know at some point I’ll get to weekly posts. As you know this Blogg is about my family’s adventures or as it seems miss adventures. My wife reads it and agrees with most things I post. With that said I’ll get into things as of now.

First off, I’ve been depressed but hiding it. Feeling like a failure on so many levels, and plainly lost. I feel as though some part of me was left in Denver last year with the RV. Balance has been hard if not impossible for me to obtain.  We leaped and some how landed flat on our face. The dream that started this all to travel and live life out on the road is still with me. There is just so much to over come to get back at it.

We have made the choice to stay put here in Northern Michigan till Xaiver graduates. We know that for him and his direction in life this is right. Our miss steps with Madison high light this. We also pray to see Madison also graduate. In the long run doing so will remove some constraints out on the open road. So we’re stationary till kidos graduate.

But things aren’t that simple either. We are trying to do more than before our launch with about half as much income and close to the same in bills. That hurts. Hind sight says if we knew even 10% more than we did at launch 1, we might have stayed put 1 more year. But than that wouldn’t have fit plans either. Since getting up here, Xaiver has been in a very solid relationship with a girl I believe he’ll have a long term future with. He also got the help he needed in school to get off his IEP and out of special ed classes. He’s a great athlete(Football, Wrestling and Track) and a loved member of Forest Area Schools band programs. Yes I said bands, Marching, Concert and Jazz. All I do know is for some screwy reason God wants us here. So here we are, and so far I’m not very happy about it. Go figure I’ve always had issues with authority.  Sorry God..

Life right now is so very out of control. I took my first ever salary job. Learning new skills and building my employ-ability in new jobs. It’s not a bad wage (IF I was only working 40 hours per week). And in ways it sucks cause it has my hands tided when it comes to income. I’m finding it very hard to find any peace in my life right now. Always on edge, always at a loss, always 1 step behind. It flat out sucks.

My heart and soul are being pulled out onto the open road and off on new adventures. But my feet out stuck in the mud where we are right now.

The families currant future goals by dates are as follows: Madison Graduate – June 2020, Xaiver Graduate – June 2022, Jeep paid off – December 2023 and Launch date 2.0 – September 2024. What you don’t see in those dates is when we’ll buy our bus to start it’s build out. Which is a rather important part to the future. I believe that the bus will be sometime over the next 2-3 years with a 1 year build plan. You can follow our “Bus Plan” else where in these Blogg pages.

I’m so sick of living a life that requires a vacation and long to have a life that is a vacation. The yoke the world has placed on us all is far to much. I remember years ago people and many today even thinking you’d be nuts to want to live life in a school bus, or a van down by the river. I think back to my youth reading the Box Car Children books or The Magic School Bus cartoons. Thinking how cool it would be. And now I just want my very own Magic School bus. A tiny home on wheels for my wife, myself our Polly dog and Peachs cat. I’m a simple man longing for a simple life.

Life is to short for your roots to stay in one place. Be a tumble weed, spreading yourself every where. Build memories of places and events, not of 4 walls in the same corner on the same old place. Staying put might work for some but it’s not the life for me. I want to A.G.E. Out doors.

So till next time, stay blessed and Keep on…..

A picture from today out on a country road drive.


From the Frying pan into the Fire.


Hey all, sorry been awhile since last update. But I thought we’d have wonderful news by now. But that so far isn’t the case.

Early February we did get into a place of our own. But we are on a slippery slope. See we banked on having our income tax to get us out of a hole. We have started calling “our $3000 hole”. Since August we have been in a constant loop of being behind by $3000.

A few facts about where we are right now. Northern Michigan flat out sucks for income. No one seems to pay worth anything. Example of that I’m making $11 per hour LESS than what I have for the last 6 years. My wife can’t even find a full time job.

You hear all this talk of hot job markets. And tons of jobs. Yep if you want to work 90 hours a week and only get paid $10-11 per hour. It’s so sad. We are right now working class poverty. Moving isn’t even a option at the moment.

See our son Xaiver is finally out of special ed classes. He’s active in school and doing wonderful. Better than he has in all his school leading up to High School.

So that leaves us up here till he finishes school. How? No clue. We slide backwards everyday farther and farther. With April 1st being a dooms day of sorts for us. At that point without big change I see no way of getting out of our hole.

We do still want a skoolie and even planning for one. But with no money for one it’s kind of a pipe dream.

Who would have ever guessed that following our dreams would cause so much struggle. As a family we are stronger than ever. In our faith we are still holding strong. Sure it’s a struggle to have faith in this all but it’s there. Sure I’ve had screaming matches at God. But I still believe he will come through.

When, where, why and how are still to be seen.

But we will survive Because that’s what we do. We will pull through somehow. I guess it’s only a matter of time before God puts our helping hand in our path.

So till next time, keep and God bless!

Happy New Year..


Hello again. Been sometime since our last update. Not really much new. We’re still aiming to stay in Northern Michigan for at least the net 3-5 years. Longer with a mix of travel if we can get a few ventures up and running.

For any of you all following us on FaceBook you probably have picked up on hits that we’re working to launch “A.G.E. Outdoors – Trail Running Tour Guides” (Name is still being looked at). We’re in the early stage of planning but with a bit of blessing and luck we’ll be up and running by June 2019. Look ahead for more info on this venture in the near future.

We are also working to re-brand our vinyl business. And taking Frank and Shelly’s Vinyl to FnS Creations (Finesse Creations). With a new host of products and options. More on this in the future, but we’re looking at many options.

We still are working to getting back in a place of our own. But that is slow going at best. I myself (Frank) have been less than successful at landing a job that’s much more than min wage. But we’re staying focused and Praying that all turns around for us.

We do feel very blessed that the Gillette’s have taken us in. Given us a place to call home and made us apart of their family. Without them right now we’re not sure where we’d be. But the blessings that this family brings to our life has greatly improved our view for the future.

Not to take anything away from Julia that gave us a place when we first returned to Michigan after our “Floundering” full time RV life. Thank you Julia you gave a a great safe stop over too.

Life for us since June truly has been interesting in way we could have never expected. But from a family view point. I don’t think we would change any of it if we could. It’s a fresh look at life and a clean start. Sure it’s not easy but good things never are. And blessing are flowing through us and to us. We just have to remind our selves from day to day that “We’re not God, He is..” And the with this season will come a harvest of fruitfulness. We’re just warming up.

So until next time. Stay Blessed and Keep on!

Rage Against the Snow 2018